Sam Wooden launches protein vary

Australian health and fitness expert Sam Wood has announced the launch of his new on-the-go protein-based range, 28GO.

According to Mr Wood, protein plays a pivotal role in supporting muscle health, weight loss, sustaining energy levels, and promoting overall wellness.

“Our 28GO products are expertly crafted with protein and other high-quality nutrients to keep you energised and operating at your best throughout the day, while supporting muscle growth, recovery, and weight management,” he says.

The launch range, exclusive to Woolworths, consists of 15 products, including a variety of protein powders and bars, protein collagen water, and indulgence options.

  • Go Bar Protein Bars, 65g, RRP $5. These bars have 30g of protein, are low in sugar, and boast a 5-star health rating. They are available in an assortment of flavours including triple chocolate, choc caramel, dark choc mint, and tiramisu.
  • Protein Powders, 350g, RRP $35. Designed to “keep you feeling full and energised” with 25g of protein per serve with the “added bonus” of low carbs. Consumers can choose between Protein with Probiotics (chocolate or vanilla) and Protein with Collagen (vanilla or caramel).
  • Protein Collagen Water, RRP $28.“Simply” mix with water. Each serve contains 27g of protein and is 99% sugar free. The product is available in packs of seven sachets and in the flavours of passionfruit and watermelon.
  • Protein Indulgence Range. Promoted as “not just your ordinary dessert or treat”, this range is “protein packed for longer lasting energy and fullness”. Included in the range is a Protein Mug Cake (RRP $5), Protein Banana Bread (RRP $18), Protein Mug Mousse (RRP $5), Protein Pancake Mix (RRP $15), and Protein Hot Choc (RRP $15).

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