Tim Tam indulgence supported by scientists

Arnott's has launched Tim Tam Deluxe, which it calls "the most indulgent Tim Tam range ever".

To prove how forgiving the new range is, Tim Tam teamed up with Australia's 'best' quantitative electroencephalogram and brain mapping experts to measure brainwave activity before and after consumers bite into a Tim Tam Deluxe.

"When the brain is excited and actively involved in mental activity, it produces beta waves," says Tim Lucas, a neurologist at the Neurofeedback Centre.

“These waves tend to sit at a relatively low amplitude but travel fastest and at a higher frequency. So when our mind is very busy or highly aroused, an increase in beta waves will be a sign of it.

"When Arnott's told us about their unreleased and most indulgent tim-tam series ever, we were curious to understand what pursuing one might do to Australian brains.

"We pretty much doubted the experiment that we would see drastic results that could indicate pleasure. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that smelling a Tim Tam Deluxe — let alone biting one — literally lit up the brains of every customer we tested, activating high beta waves in ways we've yet to had never seen before.”

Tim Tam Deluxe (retail from $4.50) is available now at all major grocery stores in Decadent Triple Choc, Salted Caramel Brownie, Dark Choc Raspberry Tart, and Dark Choc Mint flavors.

The scholar-backed post-tim-tam indulgence first appeared in Retail World Magazine.

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