Dineamic and Hold it Cleaner accomplice to launch healthful ready-made meals

Healthy meal delivery service, Dineamic, and the wellness-for-life app, Kic, have collaborated to deliver quality, wholesome ready-made meals available to order online from Dineamic Flavour.

Dineamic has been producing fresh, ready-made meals for the public since 2009. Based in Melbourne with the vision to use only local, sustainably sourced produce and free-range meat, Dineamic’s fully traceable ingredients spend less time in transport – “fewer food miles mean healthier and tastier meals (that happen to be better for the environment too).” The exclusive new range with Kic is no exception.

With over 800 deliciously nutritious Kic recipes to choose from, it wasn’t easy for co-founders Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith to handpick their favourites to dish up with Dineamic. But it was narrowed down to six trending, winter protein-rich dishes designed to make the weekly meal prep simple.

Choose from: Ginger Lime Fish Curry with Broccoli & Brown Rice, Free Range Tuscan Chicken with Broccoli & Pasta, Free Range Baked Chicken Enchilada with Tortillas, Free Range Chicken Pesto with Casarecce Pasta, Free Range Moroccan Chicken with Turmeric Rice & Currants, or Cashew Satay Udon Bowl with Tofu.

“Kic started with a recipe eBook all the way back in 2015, to help make healthy eating more accessible for everyone. At the time there was so much pressure and hype around organic foods, and it felt like in order to eat healthy, it had to be expensive and complex. But we knew that didn’t have to be the case,” says Kic co-founder Steph Claire Smith

“From day dot our approach to healthy living has been simple and sustainable. Along the journey we dreamed about diving into ready-made meals because it takes that ease and accessibility to a whole other level. That’s why it’s such a ‘pinch us’ moment to have partnered with Dineamic”.

“We’re so proud of this partnership. For over 15 years, Dineamic has championed honest nutrition. They are so aligned with our values and there’s no one we’d trust more in bringing this dream of ours to life!” says Kic co-founder Laura Henshaw.

“Dineamic ensures healthy eating is made easy, and made honest, with zero compromise on taste. Crafted by hand, from scratch, and in bulk quantities (to greatly reduce the amount of packaging and food waste), every mouthful of feel-good food across the existing range, and that in partnership with Kic, is made without any added preservatives, nasties, or numbers.”

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