Maxibon’s PB&J returns

Maxibon’s latest launch is spinoff of the iconic flavour duo, peanut butter and jam. Maxibon Peanut Jams with Butter comes eight years since the brand last combined the flavours and is said to be “better, bolder” and have “bags of extra flavour”.

“We are so excited about sharing our revamped creation with Maxibon fans across Australia,” says Maxibon Brand Manager, Stephanie Chosich.

“We’ve had more requests to bring this flavour back than any other, so at a time when sandwich delis and ice cream sandwiches are buzzing across Australia, the timing felt right.”

Maxibon Peanut Jams with Butter features crushed peanuts and a peanut butter flavoured slab, raspberry jam syrup notes throughout, sandwiched in-between two chocolate biscuits on one end and dipped in chocolate on the other with more crushed peanuts.

“We’re really proud of Maxibon Peanut Jams with Butter, and there’s a few people on our team who are already speculating whether this could be Maxibon’s most delicious creation yet!” adds Ms Chosich.

The ice cream is available in single serves and 4-packs now at Woolworths, independent grocery stores and P&C, and will also be in Coles from April 8.

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