Montague unveils new apple selection

Montague is set to introduce a new variety of apple to the Australian market.

Originating in France and developed over the past two decades, the Kissabel apple is new to Australia and will only be available in small volumes.

This year, the harvest is anticipated to reach close to 36,000kg, with all apples being packed by Montague. Consumer sentiment for this apple is said to be “very strong” with the unique red on the inside and flavour that “bursts with a tangy, freshness”.

Kissabel apples will be available at a commercial level in later years. In the meantime, however, Australians can trial this apple through selected restaurants, speciality bakeries and outlets. A limited number of retail stores will be selling to test the market.

“With an ambitious and bold marketing approach, the global strategy is to define our target group and align the Kissabel communication to build campaigns that will stand out in the market,” says Montague Senior Marketing Manager Angela Bracken.

“The IFORed iconic campaign will be trialled in a variety of markets to test the consumer sentiment before extending to other markets.”

Along with Australia, other countries in the southern hemisphere will also start to harvest Kissabel apples in the next few weeks.

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