The Chilli Manufacturing unit spices up the Easter Present

The Chilli Factory, an Australian producer of chilli sauces, salsas, and other hot and spicy condiments, will be launching four new chilli products at this year’s Royal Sydney Easter Show.

Chilli lovers visiting the producer’s stand in the Woolworth’s Dome will have the opportunity to try the new gourmet range of chilli oils, chilli honey, and chilli chocolate sauce.

Red Belly Venom is a new hot chilli oil, said to be a “perfect addition” to stir fries or noodles.

A milder chilli oil, Daintree Drizzle works “perfectly” as a drizzled salad dressing.

Ballistic Bee Sting is a hot chilli honey made from 100% Australian honey infused with locally grown chillies.

For those seeking to make desserts a “spicy affair”, Cranky Croc Choc is a hot chilli chocolate sauce, promoted as being “perfect” for pouring over ice cream.

“Our new gourmet range products are all chilli infused, giving them an authentic taste,” says The Chilli Factory General Manager Daniel Morgan. “We’re excited to be giving Australian chilli lovers more versatile chilli products which can be enjoyed individually or complement their favourite foods at home.”

With sauces ranging from the mild Numbat Nibble (1700 Scoville heat units) to the “extreme” Scorpion’s Strike (1.27 million Scoville heat units), The Chilli Factory says it has sauces suitable to all Australians’ palates.

Mr Morgan invites Australians to taste an array of flavours with “samples galore” at the producer’s upcoming stall (22 March – 2 April).

“Naturally, the Chilli Factory attracts long-term chilli fanatics at the Easter Show,” he says. “But each year we notice an increase in new visitors learning more about the subtle and not so subtle nuances of chilli.”

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