Again in school, lunch containers are wholesome

While there are many things out of our control, for the new back-to-school season, Retail World sheds light on what we can control (or at least try to control when it comes to kids): what we consume.

Retail World spoke to pharmacist Sylvia Vyoung about what will boost people's immunity.

"Eat a balanced, healthy diet and drink plenty of water," she says, adding that fruits and vegetables are filled with essential vitamins like vitamin D, minerals like selenium and zinc, and antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotenes, and vitamin E, the can strengthen the immune system.

Roger Gentile, National Merchandise Manager for Australian Pure Fruits, says the health trend is unstoppable.

"Many of the vendors who deliver to schools have had to change the products they were previously delivering," he says, citing strong pressure on providing healthier drinks.

He also claims that Australian Pure Fruits smoothies contain natural ingredients, with no preservatives, no added sugar, and no added flavoring. They do not come from concentrate, but all from fruit and vegetables with added vitamin C.

“Healthy decisions often start with buying the right products in the store. Retailers that focus on products that are better for you help shoppers navigate the snack aisle better, ”said Alice Green, Brand Manager for Nice & Natural and Salty & Wrapped Snacks at New Griffin & # 39; s Food Company based in Zealand.

“In the current climate, taking care of our health and the health of our children is more important than ever. At Nice & Natural, we know that finding nutritious, convenient and great tasting snacks can be a challenge. "

Angus Wood, Chief Bean Officer of Human Bean Co, explains the critical role companies in the FMCG industry play in promoting healthy eating in children.

"A lot of young Australians go to school without a balanced diet or lunch," he says. “Some even don't have breakfast. This affects their ability to learn, their emotional well-being, and their mental health.

"Children were less active than they were at home last year," he says. "Now is the perfect time to reset, start over, and focus back on a balanced diet and lifestyle."

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