Mingle Seasoning enters the Mexican aisle

Mingle Seasoning has launched three new Mexican seasonings at Coles.

The launch is promoted as a new category move for Mingle, with the brand now represented on shelves in the Mexican aisle.

Made with no preservatives, added sugar or synthetic ingredients, Mingle’s products are said to be full of “mouth-watering flavour that’s also better for you”.

The three new seasonings include:

  • Mexican Fajita (RRP $2.60). “Packed with pure flavour and zero nasties, it’s the sizzle your taste buds have been begging for.”
  • Mellow Taco (RRP $2.60). “A seasoning blend for taco lovers of all ages. It’s got all the trademarks of a flavour filled taco Tuesday, without the competitive hot sauce bravado. Take your taste buds on a little taco adventure.”
  • Mild Chipotle (RRP $2.60). “For anyone who loves a little smoky action in their tacos or chilli con carne. A taco seasoning blend that’s mild in heat with some delicious smoky flavour notes.”

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