SPAR Australia broadcasts 2023 Provider Awards

SPAR Australia Managing Director Lou Jardin.

SPAR Australia recently held its 2023 Supplier of the Year Awards on 23 November at Eatons Hill Hotel in Brendale, Queensland.

Managing Director Lou Jardin announced SPAR’s sales increase, excluding tobacco, averaged an impressive 17.5% compared to the previous year. “This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of our incredible team, suppliers, and partners.

“In comparison, our biggest competitor, Metcash, reported a 4.6% increase, just ahead of inflation. However, it’s crucial to delve deeper into the dynamics of the industry. The fundamental issue lies in the fact that Metcash’s profit results are primarily driven by the lack of real alternatives for the retailers supplied by them,” Mr Jardin said.

“This situation raises concerns about the impact on consumers, especially in urban and rural locations. With limited alternatives, consumers in many areas may be facing higher prices. Additionally, it’s essential to acknowledge that SPAR, while striving to provide value and choice, also faces challenges due to its size and scales, resulting in a more limited alternative.

SPAR Australia Chief Operations Officer Mark McGuinness.

“In light of these challenges, it is imperative that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) conducts an urgent review of the competition in the supply of grocery items to small country and rural towns. This review will help ensure fair competition, promote consumer choice, and address any potential issues affecting pricing and accessibility.

“As we continue to innovate and collaborate with our suppliers, SPAR remains committed to providing the best possible options within our capacity. We appreciate the ongoing support of our suppliers, partners, and loyal customers. Together, we will actively contribute to a more competitive and consumer-friendly grocery market,” Mr Jardin said.

2023 Supplier of the Year Award winners

Award SupplierStaff member and winners in image
Fresh Foods Supplier of the Year 2023Warwick MeatsNeil Worrall, Shane Leehy, Jamie Allen, Mark McGuinness.
Delicatessen Supplier of the Year 2023Primo FoodsNeil Worrall, Rhiannon Scales, Mark McGuinness.
Bakery Supplier of the Year 2023Tip Top BakeriesNeil Worrall, Wayne McDougall, Mark McGuinness.
Food For Now Supplier of the Year 2023Ingham’s EnterprisesNeil Worrall, Elly Buchanan, Mark McGuinness.
Perishable Supplier of the Year 2023Fonterra BrandsNeil Worrall, Wade Pelzer, Mark McGuinness.
Freezer Supplier of the Year 2023Bulla Dairy FoodsNeil Worrall, Eamon Voege, Mark McGuinness.
Grocery Supplier of the Year 2023The Kraft Heinz CompanyNeil Worrall, Wayne Pierson, Mark McGuinness.
Non-Food Supplier of the Year 2023Duracell AustraliaNeil Worrall, Phil Pham, Mark McGuinness.
Convenience Foods Supplier of the Year 2023The Smith’s Snackfood CompanyNeil Worrall, Jared Wallington, Mark McGuinness.
Private Label Supplier of the Year 2023Everest Ice CreamNeil Worrall, Doug Whitlock, Mark McGuinness.
Promotional Support Supplier of the Year 2023The Smith’s Snackfood CompanyNeil Worrall, Jared Wallington, Mark McGuinness.
SPAR Supplier of the Year 2023The Smith’s Snackfood CompanyMark McGuinness, Jared Wallington, Lou Jardin.

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