Avocados are nice worth for cash

With millions of Australians stuck in lockdown at home, creating an Instagram-worthy breakfast, lunch or dinner that makes the humble avocado heroes has never been cheaper.

The food comparison app Frugl has presented its “Avocado Index 2021”, which shows that avocados are the cheapest they have been in more than 18 months.

Avocado prices dropped as low as $ 1 in mid-2021. Right now, Hass avocados are around $ 1.50 for both Coles and Woolworths.

"The Frugl Avocado Index noted that we've been playing for the humble avocado from $ 5 down to just $ 1 lately, and now it's time to put avocados back on the home menu" says Sean Smith, Managing Director and CEO of Frugl.

"With many restaurants and cafes closed in the past 18 months, our findings at Frugl show that the bumper crop of Australian avocados diverted to supermarkets has resulted in lower prices for consumers to cook their favorite dishes at home."

Australian avos

In June, Avocados Australia announced that "excellent avocados" are on the way thanks to a bumper crop.

"In the next three months alone, there will be around 130 million avocados on store shelves across the country," said John Tyas, CEO of Avocados Australia.

"Nationally, we expect a bumper crop year-round, with our growers from North Queensland to Tasmania, Western Australia to the East Coast harvesting 65% more than in the previous 12 months."

Avocados grown in Australia are available year round due to the climates of our different growing areas. The year starts in January with the last of the West Australian summer avocados and moves to northern Queensland, then down to central Queensland, through the southern areas of Queensland, and into northern and central NSW. From there the harvest moves to Victorian and South Australian growing areas before ending the year again in WA.

Mr Tyas says all growers in all regions would be focused on delivering the best avocados they could deliver in 2021.

"With the abundance of avocados in 2021, there has never been a better time to add an avocado to your shopping cart and indulge in a healthy diet on a regular basis."

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