6 Inspirational Residence Decor Concepts for the Vacation Season

Are you tired of the same old holiday decor that you’ve used year after year? Are you looking for a fresh, new way to spruce up your home for the holidays?

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If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 inspirational home decor ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

1. DIY Holiday Wreaths

The color scheme of your holiday decor might change over time, so creating a DIY holiday wreath is the perfect way to keep your decor looking trendy and updated. You can start with a simple wire, grapevine, or evergreen wreath base. Then, add flowers, greenery, ribbon, and ornaments according to your personal style. Plus, a beautiful wreath hanging from your front door will give your home’s curb appeal a huge boost. Mini wreaths also look beautiful on the backs of dining room chairs or hanging from kitchen cabinet doors. 

2. Tiny Tree Display

Nothing is more whimsical or festive than your own forest of tiny trees. You can set up a variety of tiny trees on your mantlepiece, as a table centerpiece, or even in your bedroom. This type of decoration is incredibly easy to put together and entirely personalizable. You can make your display of tiny trees with bottle brush trees, DIY cone trees decorated with glitter, fabric, or paper, or even tiny bits of evergreen greenery placed in little bud vases. 

3. Stockings and Pillow Presents

You can elevate traditional living room decorations of mismatched Christmas pillows and old, handmade stockings and make them trendier and more timeless. You can make “pillow presents” by wrapping neutral pillows in luxurious, thick ribbon and tying a big bow in the middle, thus giving the appearance of a present. Use more decorative stockings in intentional spots around the house such as staircase banisters, in the entryway, above cabinets, and more instead of using them exclusively on the fireplace.

4. Faux Flower Garland

Nothing is more beautiful than a full, voluminous, holiday garland. If you have an old faux evergreen garland that has seen better days, don’t toss it out. Instead, spruce it up with some gorgeous faux flowers. Faux wood flowers make beautiful wedding flowers, but they can also be dyed and personalized to match your home decor style, creating the perfect winter garland. You can drape this garland on a banister, mantle, window, table, and more.

5. Homemade “Snow Globe” Displays 

Do you love the look of snow globes but want something larger and more aesthetically pleasing? Create your own “snow globe” display with some large glass apothecary jars filled with “snow” (Epsom salts). You can add bottle brush trees and pieces of faux greenery to create a natural winter forest scene. Then try adding in some small figurines, fairy lights, ceramic cottages, and other dainty pieces to create the perfect magical display. 

6. Ornament Centerpiece

Do you need a simple and elegant centerpiece for a holiday party that you’re hosting? You can easily make this ornament centerpiece. Simply gather a few pretty ornaments that match the color scheme and aesthetic for your holiday party and place them in a large bowl. If you want to add a little extra flair to this decor piece, try adding some small evergreen sprigs or seasonal flowers.

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