Why Storage Doorways Want Lubrication

Your garage door is noisy, more than it used to be. That means the tracks are dirty. Here’s how to lubricate your garage door!

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The grooves where the tracks are supposed to be cleaned and lubed regularly to reduce friction and prevent squeaking. Refrain from cleaning and lubricating your garage doors as recommended could lead to rusting. Once the tracks rust and get hard, a professional garage door repair in Marietta may be a costly repair. Bob’s Garage Doors offers maintenance contracts to keep your garage door operating at peak performance levels and extend its life.

Why Garage Door Lubrication is Important

Garage doors need to be lubricated for many reasons. The most common reason is that it prevents the door from sticking and making noises. Over time, the garage door can collect dirt and grime, making it difficult to open and close. This can cause many problems with the opener, especially if it’s a belt-driven model. Another reason is that lubrication helps reduce wear on the tracks, which can significantly extend their life.

The benefits of lubricating your garage door are numerous. In addition to preventing sticking and making noises, it can also help extend the life of your garage door by reducing wear and tear on the tracks and pulleys. Lubrication also makes it easier to open your garage door because it reduces friction between moving parts.

Vacuuming and Cleaning Tracks

A garage door can be a complicated piece of machinery. It is a heavy door that needs to open and close smoothly and quietly, which means that it has many moving parts. These parts can wear out over time, but you can help prolong the life of your garage door by regularly lubricating it.

The first step in lubricating your garage door is cleaning the tracks. This is usually done by vacuuming them with a hose attachment or using a wet/dry vacuum. Using a brush or broom handle, you should also clean out any dirt or debris from the track. Once the track is clean, wipe down the rollers with a damp cloth to remove grease buildup and excess dust.

Next, you’ll want to spray some WD-40 into each track (or other lubricants) while they are still clean so that they have something to stick to before applying more grease later. Add another layer of lubricant after this step so that everything sticks together well when moving your garage door back into place later.

Lubricate the Hinges and Rollers

Lubricate hinges on both sides of your garage door using a silicone spray or oil (3-in-1 and WD-40 are two common brands). These products are available at any hardware store or home improvement center, and can be applied directly to each hinge as needed. You can apply them to a rag or cloth and wipe down each hinge with it instead of spraying directly onto them if you prefer not to use a spray product.

Lubricate your garage door’s rollers with silicon spray or 3-in-1 oil at least once every six months. Rollers need less frequent lubrication than hinges because they have fewer moving parts — only the wheels themselves move when opening or closing the garage door — but it’s still important that they receive regular lubrication to prevent premature wear on them as well as on their related components (hinges).

Bob’s Advance Garage Doors

If you have garage doors, at some point in time, you will have a problem with it. From the tracks clogged with dirt and dust to the rollers not rolling correctly, your garage door is stuck or difficult to open and close. Many things can go wrong with a garage door aside from these common problems; if left unattended, these issues can lead to bigger problems in the future.

Seasonal winds, cold weather, and snow can make your garage door less effective, making you worry more about possible breakdowns than you already do when planning a party or having guests over for dinner. It’s important to check on your garage door regularly and ensure that all the parts – hinges, rollers, and tracks – are properly lubricated to avoid pricey fixes. Having your garage door serviced at least twice a year by a professional will help extend its life. Not only that, but it will increase its performance as well! Bob’s Advance Garage Doors can service your doors and perform garage door repair in Atlanta.

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