Tips on how to Clear Your Rubbish Can

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It’s a necessary evil that most of us would rather not do. However, with some basic know-how and equipment, cleaning the trash can is a breeze. Here is a detailed instruction manual for completing the task at hand so your trash can can continue to serve you in keeping your home tidy.

Prep for cleaning

You’ll need to get some items together before you can get started. A cleaning solution, a sponge or rag, a scrub brush, and a bucket are all necessities. Commercial cleaning solutions are available, or you may just combine equal parts water and white vinegar to create your own. A hose or power washer, if you have access to either, will also come in handy.

Emptying the trash can is the first step in cleaning it. Wear gloves to avoid contaminating your hands with any bacteria or germs. After you’ve finished using the trash can, sweep or rake out the bottom to get rid of any loose trash or leaves that may have settled there.

Scrub thoroughly

Then, scrape the inside of the trash can using your scrub brush. It’s best to begin at the peak and work your way down, inspecting each nook and cranny along the way. Always read and follow the label directions before using any professional cleaning product. You may use a brush and some homemade cleaner to scrub the container’s inside.

The outside of the trash can should be cleaned once the inside has been tidied up. Scrub the outside of the can with your sponge or cloth, taking particular care to the lid and the region around the bottom. This can be used in conjunction with a power washer and a little amount of detergent to clean the outside of the container.

Wash and dry

Finally, fill the trash can with water and let it run until it’s empty. You may get rid of any last bits of grime and make sure the container is spotless by using a hose or a power washer. When using a power washer, keep the pressure low so as not to crack the container. Don’t bother putting the trash bag in the can until the can has dried fully after being cleaned and washed. In doing so, you’ll reduce the likelihood of mildew or mold growing.


A deodorizer placed at the bottom of the trash can prior to placing a waste bag inside can help keep the can smelling clean and fresh. You may use any all-natural deodorizer you like, whether it be baking soda, coffee grinds, or something else. Doing so will assist maintain a pleasant aroma in the trash can in between cleanings and continue to a greener waste disposal system.

Even though it’s not the most exciting thing to do, regular trash can maintenance is crucial. Keeping your trash can spotless, odor-free, and sanitary is as easy as following these guidelines. Plus, with little preventative care, you can make this a breeze. Keep in mind that you should do this at least once a month.

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