How To Put together Your Arizona Dwelling For The Summer time

Prepare to block the heat out of your home with these tips!

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Anyone who lives in Arizona will tell you that they don’t look forward to the summer. This time of year can feel unnecessarily hot and it can make day-to-day activities hard. However, preparing your home for the hot weather can make it more bearable. This article looks at how you can do just that.

Block The Heat Out 

It is possible to block the heat out using Supreme Shades. Shades can help to darken your home, thereby helping it to stay cool.

Consider using shades in the parts of your home where the sun hits. These areas of your home are likely to become very hot during the summer months. Using the shades when the sun is at its hottest can make a huge difference to the temperature in your home.

Check The Insulation In Your Attic 

Many homes are likely to have insufficient insulation. Checking it can show you where improvements need to be made.

When your home is correctly insulated it means:

  • Your home is likely to be cooler as less hot air will get in
  • You can lower your energy bills by no longer needing to cool your home as much

Check your insulation as the right amount can help your home immensely.

Seal Any Air Leaks 

Take a walk around your home and check all of your windows and doors for air leaks.

Caulk around your doors and windows to ensure that leaks are a thing of the past.

Be sure to replace any weather stripping that has become worn.

Sealing any air leaks you find can ensure that you spend less cooling your home.

Check Your Air Conditioner 

You need your AC to work hard for you, therefore, you need to take care of it. Check your air filter and change it. Have some spare air filters so you can replace the current one when required.

Check around your air conditioner to make sure there are no weeds, leaves, or debris surrounding it. Remove any debris that you find and trim the grass so there’s plenty of air flow. Be sure to check it at least once a month.

Lower The Temperature On Your Thermostat 

This may seem like something of an obvious suggestion. However, not everyone checks the temperature on their thermostat.

Lowering the temperature can help to:

  • Keep your home even cooler
  • Ensure that your heat pump or air conditioner is switched on

Change the setting to “Cool” and you’re more likely to have a cooler home.

Cool One Room And Stay There 

If you’re worried about energy bills, cool one room and stay there. Keep everyone in that room when the weather is very hot. This can help to lower your bills while ensuring you and your family are comfortable.

Preparing your home for the Arizona summer may seem like a lot of hard work. However, doing so can make this season much more manageable.

Use the above tips to help you to keep your home cool.

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