What to do in case your little one is abused at school

We live in times that can be difficult due to the exposure we all have. Our children in particular can be exposed to a number of things and don't necessarily need to be aware that what is happening is not right!

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Any form of abuse against a child is considered child abuse. Some people have the misunderstanding of associating the term child abuse with physical violence, but it is much broader. There are five types of child abuse, and physical violence is just one of them. Child abuse can be domestic, which means that it is caused by the child's parents or a caregiver. They can also be abused by a teacher, sports coach, kindergarten teacher, or an adult on whom the child is dependent. Read on if you want to know what to do if your child is abused in school.

Five types of child abuse

Before you know what to do if your child is abused in school, you need to understand the five types of child abuse.

  1. Mistreatment: All forms of physical violence.
  2. Emotional / psychological abuse: This includes deliberate scarring, regular scolding at a child, and hostile and dismissive behavior toward a child.
  3. Physical neglect: This contains Malnutrition and fail to provide the proper care a child should receive.
  4. Emotional / psychological neglect: This means that a child will not receive positive attention and that their need for love, security, and care will be ignored. This is also the case when a child experiences violence between their parents or carers.
  5. Sexual abuse: Includes any sexual contact that an adult forces on a child.

Stop Abusive Behavior

School staff should provide a safe learning environment for students. However, some school employees have betrayed their parents' trust and failed to do their duty. If your child was verbally or physically bullied by a school employee or other student at school, you must call the headmaster and ask them to meet with them. Talk about the incident and find ways to stop your child's abusive behavior. Of course, if the perpetrator is one of the school employees, you can sue the school on behalf of your child. However, you need evidence. Lawyers at https://www.davidchristensenlaw.com recommend that you hire an experienced lawyer to protect your child's rights. In addition, professional attorneys know which laws apply specifically to your child's case.

File a case and seek help

If your child has been molested in school, it will require a stricter approach. Note that sexual harassment takes many forms, such as when a school clerk asks for sexual favors in exchange for better grades, or turning an eye when he breaks school rules. In these cases, parents should hire a professional attorney and sue the molester. If sexual predators are stepped up and sued, those predators will no longer be able to work in other schools and molest other students. As a parent, however, you shouldn't stop here as you want to help your child and family cope with this as best you can. Calling the sexual assault hotline or other sources in your city that help victims of sexual harassment and their families will give you access to free services to help your child find the help they need.

  • Confidential support from trained staff.
  • Forensic investigations into sexual assault.
  • Help locate a local health facility that cares for sexual assault survivors.
  • Talk to someone about what happened.
  • Support to guide you through healing and recovery.
  • Provide recommendations for long-term support in the area where you live.
  • Include information about laws in your community.
  • Medical concerns basic information.

Sometimes when children encounter any form of abuse they become anxious or embarrassed and choose not to tell anyone about it. However, some signs may indicate that your child is being abused like bruising, does not want to go to school, is showing signs of trauma (anger-fear-etc.), Is sad, has nightmares and many others that show that there is something wrong going. If your child is abused in school, you need to protect them from the abuse and make sure that type of behavior stops. Calling the school principal and meeting with the teachers will help in case your child is bullied at school as you can discuss ways to solve this problem together. However, if your child is sexually abused, you should hire a lawyer, take the matter to court, and seek psychological and physical treatment to help your child overcome the experience.

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