Coles unveils Vegemite-infused scorching roast hen

Coles has combined two of “Australia’s most iconic food products” to launch the Coles Vegemite BBQ Hot Roast RSPCA Approved Chicken.

According to the retailer, Coles RSPCA Approved Hot Roast Chicken has been a mainstay of Aussie backyard BBQs for generations. The new addition follows the success of the Coles Honey BBQ Hot Roast RSPCA Approved Chicken that landed in stores earlier this year, and the spicy Mexican-flavoured combination that launched in 2020.

“A little-known secret is that adding Vegemite to foods is a great way to enhance savoury flavours,” says Coles. “This sparked the idea of combining much-loved Aussie Vegemite with Hot Roast Chicken to create a subtle and moreish umami flavour.”

Coles Product Developer for Seafood & Deli Tim Hickox says the retailer is always looking to improve its popular grab-and-go Coles RSPCA Approved Hot Roast Chicken.

“Coles Hot Roast Chickens are in the top three of the best-selling products in store, but we are always looking to make them more attractive to customers,” he says. “We know our customers love our hot roast chickens, and we know how much they love Vegemite, so merging the two to create a delicious spin on a fan favourite was a must-do.

“We always want to delight our customers, giving them something they have never had before. We have spent many months ensuring we have nailed the perfect flavour profile so that our customers still get the taste of two iconic products they love, in an exciting new way.”

The Coles Vegemite BBQ Hot Roast RSPCA Approved Chicken ($13) is available in select stores nationally from today.

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