How To Construct The Good Outside Kitchen

Build an outdoor kitchen you will enjoy! Here’s how!

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Spending time outdoors is a regular pastime for many families. The weather and greenery outdoors are the perfect backdrop for any gathering. Instead of carrying snacks and drinks back and forth between the indoor kitchen and the outside dining area, why not build an outdoor kitchen to lighten the load?

Just think of all the fun the cook will miss when they spend more time inside cooking than socializing with friends and family outside. With an outdoor kitchen, they can be part of all the action while putting together delicious meals. The only remaining question for homeowners is how to build that perfect outdoor kitchen. Here are some things to think about before starting this project for your backyard:

Planning and Designing the Space

When starting any new renovation project, it’s always a good idea to research various options, draw up a proper plan, and design the space according to your needs. Another factor you must consider is your budget. On average, you’ll need to set aside a minimum of USD$5,500, according to some experts. The higher end of that range with all the works will cost you at least USD$20,000. Furthermore, your family and friends will have different preferences for food and entertainment, and they will also have differing opinions of what an ideal outdoor kitchen is.

Fortunately, there are so many options to choose from that families won’t have to go very far to find examples or the information they’ll need to complete their perfect outdoor kitchen. For example, going to a kitchen showroom where the whole concept comes together might give the planning and designing a kickstart.

Enquiring About any Permits Needed

Depending on the region or where you live, there may be specific rules, regulations, or laws that could restrict homeowners from building outdoor kitchens. Those who set up their kitchen without getting these specifications could face hefty fines or even jail time. Therefore, the best way to get the information you need is to contact the local authorities or consult a professional contractor knowledgeable about all the different permits required.

Considering Where to Start Building

Outdoor get-togethers are great until the climate or environment changes into a downpour of rain or a cold snap. Having the outdoor kitchen too far from the home can make it unpleasant for everyone to move around between the spaces at your next garden party.

Another reason to have the space closer to the main house is the connection of the utilities. Not only will the distance cause the costs to increase, but it can also increase the risk to your family’s safety when you need to extend your power cables further than anticipated. 

Choosing the Best Layout for the Family

Although there are many ways to lay out a kitchen, building an outdoor kitchen depends on the available space and what works best for that family. In addition, each family will have a specific budget to spend on the build. An excellent way of envisioning the final kitchen plan is by using software to bring the design to life.

An excellent tip from most experts is that you start with a smaller area and expand on it later. Your family’s needs might change or if your budget for this project is tight. On the other hand, families can start with a larger layout and develop the space fully later, according to their preferred layouts.

Purchasing the Best Building Materials

Building and extending the home is a big commitment that should provide the family with a lot of delight for many years. Unfortunately, the only way of ensuring that the outdoor kitchen remains fully functional is to use the best building materials the homeowners can afford. With a steeper price tag on the project, it should be one of the features to factor into the budget for the whole project.

Deciding on Appliances and Style

As with the building materials, the outdoor appliances your family will use in your outdoor kitchen should be of the highest quality. Outside and left to the elements, the appliances could fade or crack if they are of a poor standard. 

Some families prefer a pizza oven, while others want a grill-friendly option for their gatherings. Either way, each option will need specific spaces and appliances to complete the cooking experience that should be included in the design and the budget. Remember, though, even with the weather playing its part, some appliances will require regular maintenance. Without it, your outdoor kitchen can become unusable and redundant.

Finishing Touches

An outdoor kitchen brings a unique atmosphere that family and friends will love to share. With the best appliances and sturdy construction, this area will continue to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. It all starts with a dream, then a plan, and last but not least, the finishing touches to the perfect outdoor kitchen.

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