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If you’ve looked at the real estate market at all recently, you probably know it’s been fluctuating a lot in the wake of the pandemic!

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Where it’s at right now, though, is a sign that if you’re looking to sell, this is the time to do it.  There is a lot of speculation that the bubble is going to burst again like it did back in 2008 – here is one of the reports. How much merit should we award those predictions, though?  What are the actual trends happening, and where can we look for this sought-after advice?  Continue reading to find out!

The Digital World Takes House Hunting by Storm

Perhaps the biggest thing that I’ve noticed this year is that people are still checking online to search for the properties they want.  This was a necessity back in 2020, but today it’s more of a choice.  It just so happens that we’ve learned this is a convenient way to look at a variety of homes quickly, and we can save on gas.  Talk about two birds with one stone!

Things like three-dimensional tours, virtual staging, and even video feeds from drones have all made a huge difference in this process.  You don’t have to scroll through some images on a website anymore!

Demographic Shifts

Another thing we can thank the pandemic for is that many households are moving out of the cities and into the suburbs in droves.  Part of it might be for personal safety (or at least, perceived personal safety), or the desire to get out of crowded areas to lessen our risk of infection.

However, the slightly darker side to this is that many have been forced out of the cities due to exorbitant prices, so they have to look elsewhere.  While many workers have their jobs in metropolitan areas, still more lost them in the past two years.  This is another factor behind this migration pattern.

The Sun Belt Remains Supreme

If you’re not familiar with this, you might want to check out this page.  It’s an area in the southern United States made up of fifteen different states.  Many of them are areas along the Mexican border or have large beaches.

While in the past ten years we’ve seen this region have one of the strongest population gains in the nation, it doesn’t seem like this is slowing down any time soon.  In fact, seventy-five percent of our population growth can be attributed to them.

Before, we usually thought of older populations moving here, but it’s become a lot more attractive for younger people as well due to low rates of taxation.  So, don’t count it out if you’re considering relocating!

Single Family Homes Most Popular

The final thing I’ll mention for 2022 is that there is a shortage of single-family properties on the market right now.  More and more consumers want to purchase them for their lower prices and more manageable amount of space.  It’s rare to find someone who wants to spend ages cleaning a huge home, after all.

As we’ve begun to realize how important our homes are, it’s inspired more of us to leave an apartment or condo and purchase that first house.  The need for a space to work from our homes is certainly a factor, along with having a centralized support system.  So, keep an eye on this part of the market!

Where Can We Get Advice, though?

When I’m not sure where to turn, I usually consult the internet.  You might opt for a service like BREIA for professional consultation when it comes to real estate.  Organizations that offer a variety of different topics to read about are helpful in this field especially.

The market changes so often that it can be hard to decide who to listen to.  There are many pages out there that give pointers but sifting through to find the credible ones is a challenge.  What I look for is practical guidance.

This could be something like what materials to purchase for a do-it-yourself project, or ways to increase our income revenue from our homes.  This tells me that whoever is speaking behind the page has real experience and is qualified to talk about it!

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