Making your Weekend Productive

Put your weekend to good use with some of these great ideas!

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It happens to the best of us when we are struggling to find things to do on the weekend because the days off feel so unusual? After all we are used to working majority of the times at our offices whilst we look forward to the weekend where we can finally enjoy and do something fun and productive. Fast forward to the weekend and you are lying on that same couch in front of the same TV, watching the same show again. It arrives to a point where you start questioning your boring lifestyle, getting the boost to do something new and productive but then you are out of ideas. Well don’t you worry in that case because we know how it feels, totally. Reaching great levels of productivity whilst having fun simultaneously is hard without a doubt but in this piece we will explain to you as to how can make things easier for yourself and actually do great things on the weekend.

Read a Book

Pretty much every conservation where you are complaining about the fact that you have nothing to do, ends on “go read a book”. Although that advice is repetitive and dull, it is actually an exceptional idea. Nothing better to get your nose into other than a great and interesting book. This will not only keep you occupied for hours but will make you grow interest, kill time and think productively. A good book can do wonders so when you choose a book to read, make sure that you know you will enjoy it. If it does not interest you or feels boring then you change to another one. The best case is to choose a genre that you like or would possibly interest you. Read for an hour and then take a break from reading, go for a walk and then comeback to continue. You can pair your book reads with a snack as well! If you are not a fan of books then you can grab newspaper too as it works both ways. Remember that the key is to productive!

Take your Talents to Cooking

Perhaps the best thing you can do on a weekend is to try out something new in the kitchen as it is an exceptional idea considering that not only do you learn something new along with killing time but you get to enjoy a delicious meal. Hit the internet, select something that you have never tried cooking before, go the grocery store to get the essentials and start cooking. Its time you make something special for your wife and kids on a bright shiny Sunday!

Make Friends with the Gym

On lazy weekends where you are struggling for productivity, the gym could prove to be your best friend. First and foremost you will not get a better chance to hit the gym except for the weekend because mainly you are not tired from work. Other than that you are usually free and bored on the weekend so this opens the perfect avenue for you to hit the gym. It will only make you feel better and enhance your day. First you can try to warm up a bit on the treadmill with a light jog as it will freshen you up. Then you can continue with the other exercises as per your preferences or whatever muscles you want to target. Remember to not indulge into extremely heavy workouts as they can make you very sore, making your daily operations a bit hard to deal with when you go to work the next day.

Everyone likes Fresh Paint

Paint is your pal on the weekends. It is the best possible scenario for you to paint seeing that you have the time and energy along with the willingness to do it. A match made in heaven indeed! Grab your brushes and get onto painting as in the hopes to renovate your furniture and give it a new shiny look. A great tip would be to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to give it a polishing and neat look. Remember that painting is an art and it is very subjective so you can literally paint what you want to, may it be a small vase to a cabinet to even a wall. Choose whatever you want to apply a ravishing and colorful image to. If you are too lazy to paint and want cleaner walls then you can opt for the alternative and use wall art instead. Other art supplies are easily available at any hardware store.

Meet the Lads for a Drink

The weekends provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet up with the lads, enjoy yourself and have a few drinks. You will not get a better chance to meet up with them as everyone on the weekends is usually free so plan ahead of the day, make sure everyone is free and then enjoy with your friends!!

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