What’s Trades Set up Air Conditioning?

Investing in the right air conditioning unit can be tricky, here’s how to hire the right person for the job!

Living without an air conditioning unit in Australia is something you’d much rather avoid. During the warm summers especially, you don’t want to have to grasp for air in your own home, not being able to breathe easily due to the high temperatures. When it comes to heating, while there are other solutions, we can’t argue with the fact that Australians are more and more opting for ACs as well. Click this to get a clearer understanding on how Australians use AC units.

If you’ve just now moved to this country, you may be considering having an air conditioning unit installed in your new place. Of course, this is a consideration that people who have been living here for a long time also make, after building a new home, or after realising that their existing AC system isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should be. Whatever your reasons for needing AC installation, there’s one important question on your mind.

Who can do the installation for you? Sure, you’ll find companies out there offering the services, but what you really want to know is which tradesperson can actually perform the installation successfully. Knowing this will help you select your professionals better, in accordance with their skills, and thus being absolutely sure that they’ll do a great job installing the unit for you. And, apart from that, it could also happen that you don’t know which person to contact when in need of these services, and the answer to the above question will certainly make that clearer.

Which Tradesperson Can Install Your Airconditioning?

Electric work, plumbing work, HVAC… It all tends to be so intertwined at times that you may find yourself unable to determine which one of these tradespersons you actually need. I get you. Not easy to make a decision like that. If you contact the wrong people, though, you’ll be lucky enough to have them refer you to the right ones, which definitely makes things easier.

Yet, you’d much rather avoid contacting the wrong people, wouldn’t you? So as to succeed in doing that, you’ll need to learn in advance which one of these professionals you should actually contact when in need of air conditioning installation services. Nothing weird about being confused about that, but the truth is that you can easily get your answer and figure out precisely which professionals you need for this particular project.

Air conditioning installation certainly requires electric work, but some plumbing work may be in order as well, and a trained HVAC technician may be necessary to deal with the refrigerants. All of this brings us to one and the same conclusion. Hiring a refrigeration mechanic is the right move here, because that way, you’ll get a professional to deal both with the electric work and with the refrigeration part of the process. Visiting https://www.nbtns.com.au and similar company sites will make it clearer on what it is you can expect from a refrigeration mechanic, but if you don’t quite understand what these professionals do and why you need their help with AC installation, reading on could also help.

What Is A Refrigeration Mechanic?

A refrigeration mechanic, also known as a refrigeration and AC mechanic, is a professional trained to work with domestic, commercial, and industrial AC, refrigeration and heating systems. Specializing in installing, repairing, testing and servicing these systems, they are the pros you will need to call when you wind up deciding to install a new air conditioning unit in your property. Of course, they’re also the ones to call for repairs, servicing and maintenance.

Working in a wide range of settings, a refrigeration mechanic can do anything from installing your home air conditioning system, to building refrigeration units for mass food transport and storage. Their tasks also include repairing and installing all the components of refrigeration and cooling systems, including motors, compressors, evaporators and condensers. They can also access and replace copper lines for gas, steam, refrigerant, compressed air and chill water.

So as to be able to work on installing your AC system, a person needs to undergo a training and licensing program in Australia first. Put differently, becoming a refrigeration mechanic is not as easy as you may have imagined, and these people go through formal trainings and complete apprenticeships before they can even apply for the license and let alone get qualified to work as technicians. This means that, the mechanics you’ll come across, as long as they are licensed, will all be highly knowledgeable and skilled on the processes of installing AC units and doing all the other work that is within their range of responsibilities.

After undergoing the training and completing the apprenticeship, a person will need to meet certain licensing requirements so as to become certified. These professionals must hold the Refrigerant Handling Licence (RHL), for which they apply through the official website of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). Additional licensing may be required for the type of work that involves disconnecting and reconnecting low voltage electrical installations, and the requirements vary from state to state.

To sum up, a refrigeration mechanic is a professional that has undergone extensive training and that has completed apprenticeship before applying for a license to operate in Australia and before getting that license and starting to offer their services in this country. Trained both on electrical work and on HVAC work in general, these professionals are skilled to have your AC unit installed, and they are actually the ones you have to call when in need of such services. So, unless you’re planning on learning how to stay cool without an AC in Australia, make sure to find your refrigeration technician right away and get them to complete the installation for you.

Hiring licensed refrigeration mechanics is the right way towards getting the unit properly installed. For the best results, though, make sure that the pros you’re hiring are also experienced, as well as reputable and reliable, trusted by their past customers and by the community in general. By making sure of all of that, you’ll definitely get the perfect AC installation services.

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