The Subsequent Technology of Robotic Vacuum Model “obode” of Robozone is Launching a A lot-anticipated Restricted Version Product

A new robot vacuum has recently become a hot topic on social media!

It is a brand called “obode”, designed in Cyberpunk and co-branding with the National Gallery. Let’s find out more.

Behind the scenes

Obode’s parent company Robozone is an innovator in smart cleaning technology that develops various cleaning solutions across the US, UK, Germany, Russia, and 100 other global markets. 

With Midea Group’s R&D and industrial global supply chain advantages, Robozone has announced the launching of its new brand: obode, and the first flagship product, the P8 auto self-cleaning mopping robot vacuum, in the US and UK on February 9th, 2022.

What is special about obode P8?

  • Self-cleaning and drying mop is a guarantee you’ll never have to clean by hand again!
  • Obode automatically completes self-cleaning and refills the water, then resumes mopping from the exact spot it stopped.
  • 4 cleaning modes in one device provide the best combination of sweeping and mopping.
  • Intelligent main brush lifting control protects the floor and keeps it from dust.
  • Powered by smart home ToF LDS navigation, obode can create and memorize up to 3 maps, so one device is enough for a large house.
  • Automatic carpet detection helps obode understand your home environment and save time.

Bringing the future closer

Through cooperation with the National Gallery, obode will invite Finnish Artist Janine Rewell to create a pattern for home decoration. Obode believes that art and technology will last forever, making way for a new wave of tech life.

“Obode wants to bring the life-enhancing home technologies and bold aesthetics found in “cyberpunk” stories into reality,” said Alice Shaw, Head of Global Marketing Center at Robozone.“Today, we present this robot vacuum cleaner as a combination of smart home tech and work of art.”

Sign up & Reserve NOW

Before obode P8 goes live on February 9, sign up on the official page ( ) and receive a $500 coupon for $1 deposit, to get obode flagship model for almost half the price – $599 (original price $1099).

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