How you can Repair Heater Issues: 5 Widespread Furnace Points

Are you having problems with your furnace? Here are some easy fixes for common furnace issues!

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During the winter months, most homeowners work extremely hard to keep the inside of their residences warm and comfortable. The only way to keep the inside of a home warm when temperatures outside are frigid is with the help of a reliable heating unit. Nearly 72% of the homes in the United States have heating units that are over five years old.

The older a heating unit gets, the harder it will be to keep it functional. The furnace is one of the most important components your heating unit has. Without a functional furnace, your system will be able to produce warm air. Here are some common furnace problems and what can be done to address them.

1. Constant Cycling is Never a Good Thing

The heating system in your home is designed to come on when the thermostat settings are adjusted. Once the temperature on the thermostat is achieved, your heating unit will turn off. However, if your heating unit is coming on and going off repeatedly, you are probably experiencing airflow problems. If the air filters in your unit are dirty, air will be unable to pass through them.

This can create problems that involve your unit cycling on and off repeatedly. Changing your air filters once every two months is a great way to avoid this problem. If you change these filters and are still dealing with these problems, then contacting professionals for help is crucial. Usually, professionals that provide tank water heater repair service will also repair furnaces. With their help, you can pinpoint and resolve these issues quickly.

2. Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Air

Once your furnace heats the air pulled in from outdoors, it is the job of the blower to move it through your vents. If you don’t feel air coming from these vents, then a damaged blower might be to blame. Over time, the blower attached to your furnace can become clogged with debris. Hiring professionals to remove this debris is the best way to restore functionality to this essential party.

3. Rattling Noises Coming From Your Furnace

In most cases, a furnace will be relatively quiet during operation. The older a furnace gets, the more problems it will ultimately have. If you start to notice a rattling or pinging noise coming from your furnace, you need to figure out what is causing this problem. Loose panels on your furnace can be to blame for rattling noises. Pinging noises are often caused by ductwork issues. Allowing professionals to inspect your furnace is a great way to figure out how to address your problems.

4. Problems With Your Pilot Light

Gas furnaces need a pilot light to produce heat. If you start to notice the pilot light is weak, flickering or an odd color, you are probably dealing with excess carbon monoxide levels. In most cases, the only way to fix this problem is by having your pilot light mechanism replaced by professionals.

5. Cold Air Coming From Your Vents

If you have your heat turned on but only feel cold air coming from your vents, your furnace is obviously damaged. This can be caused by a tripped breaker or internal furnace problems. An experienced HVAC technician can inspect your furnace and assess whether it needs to be replaced.

As soon as you notice one or more of the problems mentioned here, you need to reach out to knowledgeable professionals for assistance. 

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