Pandemic results in natural gross sales surge

Organic products

Millions of consumers have turned to organic food since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and 56% of all Australian shoppers bought certified organic food in the past year, according to the Australian Organic Market Report 2021.

The report released by Australian Organic Limited (AOL) in June also shows that 37% of regular organic shoppers increased the amount of organic food they bought in the past year.

AOL CEO Niki Ford says the dual health and wider environmental benefits of organic production have fueled the sector's growing consumer base.

"In Australia, consumers continue to value personal and environmental health and this has been brought to the fore by recent climatic events and the global pandemic," said Ford.

"Over the past year, around nine million Australian households have bought organic food during this incredibly challenging time."

The report found that Australians were encouraged by the benefits of consuming organic foods. 62% of the buyers named personal health as a motivation for their first purchase of organic products, while 45% alluded to environmental aspects.

The study shows that more than 80% of grocery shoppers in Australia are receptive to purchasing an organic product, with 60% currently buying organic products at a low level but showing a high level of interest in fresh, organic products.

37% of established organic buyers increased the number of organic products they bought last year, with average household spending on organic increasing by 12.8% since 2019.

Nicky Moltschaniwskyj, marketing director at New Zealand company Ceres Organics, says that organic products are “so much more valuable” than people often think.

“Organic does not only mean products that are free of chemicals, but also includes the care of our cultivation partners, the protection of our wild animals and the care of our planet by protecting the health of the soil, waterways and air.

"Ultimately, the more people choose organic, the better it is for all of us."

In the September edition of Retail World you can find out more about trends in natural and organic products as well as shopping behavior.

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