Woolworths launches recyclable meat trays

Woolworths 75% less plastic packaging. Double Bay store. September 18, 2020. Photo Dallas Kilponen

In a recent effort to improve sustainability practices, Woolworths is nationally launching new recyclable paper meat trays for a selection of its own branded beef.

The newly designed packaging, which consists of a paper compartment and a fresh sealing film, now uses 75% less plastic than the previous packaging. In seven popular cuts of beef, 2.2 tons of plastic are removed from the supply chain each year.

"Over the past three years we have launched a sustainable program to rethink our own packaging in a variety of categories," said Adrian Cullen, Head of Sustainability at Woolworths.

"We know that sustainable packaging is important to our customers, and we're excited to begin the transition to recyclable meat trays, starting with our specially selected and grass-fed beef ranges."

The film that covers and lines the trays, along with all other soft household plastics, can also be recycled through the REDcycle bins in any Woolworths store.

"Packaging plays an important role in maintaining product freshness and quality, but it's important that we do it in a sustainable way and encourage more recycling," says Cullen.

To make recycling easier for customers, Woolworths includes simple recycling labels that Planet Ark developed for its private label product. These show how each piece of packaging can be disposed of either by roadside recycling, by returning it to the store for recycling, or as general waste.

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