ALDI celebrates 20 years in Australia

Arndell Park Grand Opening 2001

(Feature image: Opening of ALDI Bankstown Airport – January 2001)

ALDI Australia has released data that shares the impact of its presence in Australia on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

In 20 years of operation, PwC has estimated that ALDI Australia has contributed a total of US $ 30.2 billion to the Australian economy with new and modernized stores, local business partnerships and jobs.

Tom Daunt, CEO of ALDI Australia, says the company has focused for over 20 years on developing high quality products at affordable prices, building retail careers for its employees and building good relationships with its Australian delivery partners.

"Today we couldn't be more proud of our efforts to offer great products at affordable prices, all underpinned by responsible business practices," he says.

According to ALDI, the retailer's ethos of driving low prices every day means Australians save $ 2.4 billion a year shopping at ALDI compared to other large supermarkets.

"ALDI's competitive effect on the market has lowered prices for Australian buyers, even if they don't buy from ALDI. This saves customers a total of $ 6.6 billion in the 20 years that ALDI has been active," he says Retailer.

"ALDI's presence in the Australian market has also increased private label consumption to savings of $ 29.34 billion over 20 years."

Marrickville Grand Opening

More recently, ALDI Australia has committed to 100% renewable electricity to power its operations by the end of 2021 and to eliminate at least a quarter of all plastic packaging by 2025.

Looking ahead, the retailer said its main commitment to customers has been to keep prices at the lowest market as household budgets come under more pressure.

“The basic principle of our Australian business in 2001 was to offer a carefully selected selection of high quality products at the lowest prices,” says Daunt.

"As we continue to innovate to provide our customers with an even better experience and convenience, our core philosophy remains unchanged."

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