Recovering Your Dwelling After Water Harm in Sandusky OH

The beautiful town of Sandusky, Ohio, on the shores of Great Lake Erie, suffers frequent flooding due to rain and inundation of lake water. Nearly 40% of all US homeowners have suffered losses from water damage, and your home has likely suffered from water seepage in your ceilings and roofs, decaying woodwork, corrosion, moisture, and uncomfortable stitches.

When you are in an area with a high risk of flooding, you need to be prepared for any eventuality: rain, hail or snow. Home recovery is an exercise that is likely to burn a huge hole in your pocket. You might want to check out these expert-recommended home improvement restoration tips.


  • Do not re-enter the premises unless a health and safety officer gives you the green signal.
  • When re-entering your home, wear protective equipment, including rubber gloves and boots.
  • Disconnect the main power board and cooking gas supply to avoid electrical or fire hazards.

Contact your insurance company

Your insurance company's expert has a big job for him / her. You can do the groundwork for better accountability.

  • At all stages before, during, and after cleaning, click clear photos of all areas of your home that have been affected by water damage.
  • Make an estimate of the monetary value of the extent of the water damage beforehand.

The adjuster determines whether the loss is covered by the policy. Please note that not all household contents insurance covers flood damage. You can read the Flood Risk Maps, also known as Flood Insurance Rate Cards (FIRMs), available from the Erie County Regional Planning Office in Sandusky to determine if your home needs flood insurance.

Find the source of the water damage

    • Water contaminated by sewage (black water) is dangerous due to bacteria and organisms. In this case, it is best to contact a professional for cleaning.
    • If the water source is clean water or slightly contaminated "gray" water, e.g. If, for example, a water pipe breaks, you can clean it yourself (provided you wear the necessary safety equipment).

to clean up

  • Water damage repairs should be done 24 to 48 hours after clearance by a competent officer.
  • Remove all electrical, electronic, and other debris and debris from the floor.
  • Remove all soaked items from your house.

Recovering Your Home After Water Damage In Sandusky OH - Drying

dry out

  • Use a power vacuum to pump out standing flood water.
  • Open all windows and fans to draw moisture out of the house.
  • Use fans, heaters, and / or dehumidifiers to speed up drying, especially in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your home.
  • Mold and mildew thrive in humid conditions, and it can barely take 24 hours for them to start blooming all over your property. Dehumidify and dry the house completely within 3-4 days to avoid the risk of mold.

Check for mold

  • Remove and destroy any items affected by mold as soon as possible to prevent further spread and health risks.
  • Use dehydrating agents like silica gel to dry out small enclosed areas like closets and table drawers.

Repair and restoration

  • Check the extent of water damage in your home. You may need to put your loved ones on temporary protection.
  • Most water damage repairs include repairs or replacements of the floor, walls, ceilings, doors. This is best done by a knowledgeable home restoration professional with expertise in dealing with water damage.
  • Remove and restore the damaged drywall (partially or completely). Use sealant for better protection.
  • Rework such as repainting, restoring plumbing and electrical systems can be carried out by restoration experts or by yourself, depending on the extent of the damage.

Prevention is better than cure: Have a professional inspect your home for signs of water damage to your property at least once a year. This extra step will save you money in the long run.

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