How To Use Shade Cover In Your Dwelling Or Enterprise

Do you think shade canopies are a part of the beach? Think again! Shade canopies are popping up literally everywhere, from the beach to bus stops, restaurants and concession stands.

The sheer amount of uses for canopies may surprise you, but they offer solutions for both commercial and personal use. (see ShelterLogic) Here are some other ways shelters can be used.

Outdoor playground and classroom

Whole school communities can benefit from shade canopies by installing them in the playground to protect children and employees from the elements. Canopies provide UV protection and waterproofness, which is crucial for outdoor caregivers. Shade canopies also provide an attractive and practical outdoor learning environment where the class can continue learning whatever the weather. With the help of a canopy, you don't have to play or study outdoors.

Entrance canopies for companies

Canopies are great for providing shelter and space to visitors and customers while they wait outside a building or enter and exit the building. They can even be used to cover walkways that run along the building, to protect people when they approach, as well as to cover walkways that connect buildings together. Shade canopies can make a great statement on any commercial building and give it the perfect, stylish touch that completes its look.


Many companies in the hotel industry offer shade that provides comfort to their customers and increases their usable space. Companies such as restaurants, pubs, leisure centers and hotels can use shade canopies to offer their customers a solution for al fresco dining and cooler seating areas. Canopies are the perfect solution for the hospitality industry as they expand their space to maximize the number of customers. You can host at the same time, creating an outdoor space perfect for dining.

How To Use Shade Canopy In Your Home Or Business - Back Yard

Fairs and farmers' markets

When a company visits a fair or farmers market to sell products to local communities, shade canopies provide excellent coverage for their employees and potential customers as they browse and view their products. Canopies look attractive and stylish while creating a space for customers to stop to protect themselves from the elements. This leads to longer search times.

Seasonal business

For seasonal companies, a shady canopy is an absolute must. Whether it's a car wash, a car boot sale, or an outdoor party, canopies allow the company to continue trading in most weather conditions. Shade canopies provide employees, potential customers and the items on display with the protection they need.

Family events

Whether you're attending a sports day, your kids' soccer tournament, or a picnic with your family, a canopy is essential to keep your whole family cool and UV protected. Because the canopies are easy to fold and move around, you can use a canopy to cover every time you attend outdoor events, so you can keep going regardless of the weather.

Overall, shade canopies are extremely versatile and offer protection solutions for a range of businesses and private users. Whether you are planning to create a shaded area in your own yard or use it for your business to attend markets or events, shady canopies have you covered!

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