The Italian Navy acknowledges the genius of Renzacci disinfection

Renzacci supplies the Italian Navy with its i-Genius 2.0 ozone cabinet to disinfect face masks that are manufactured and sold by an Italian Defense industrial plant in La Spezia.

A spokesman for Renzacci said: “We are honored and proud to be a supplier to the Italian Navy. This important initiative sees them as a leading and extremely innovative player, being the first public body to be authorized to manufacture and distribute surgical masks from the Italian National Health Institute.

At a request from the management of the La Spezia military arsenal, sponsor and director of the operation, the Italian naval staff command funded this important project to provide surgical masks to defeat Covid-19. All of this was made possible by the renowned Italian defense plant in La Spezia, which, with ingenuity and foresight, was able to adapt its machines to produce effective, ultra-light, simple and compact masks. "

The Italian Navy's frigate captain Gianmarco Pelliccia (pictured wearing a sanitary mask) who developed the project said the lockdown encouraged the idea that a team initiative was needed to work for the community when masks were a rare commodity. It became clear that it was quickly becoming an urgent need for them.

Renzacci: “The effectiveness, quality of the results and reliability of our REnzacci i-Genius 2.0 ozone housing were the factors when choosing the machine for disinfecting the masks produced. This fact rewards Renzacci's great investments in research and development with the exclusive technology and know-how that all Italians have developed to achieve such advanced and complete disinfection results that pass the strictest and most rigorous tests. "

Renzacci would like to thank the Italian Navy from the bottom of his heart for not only confirming the validity of the i-Genius 2.0 Renzacci ozone cabinet, but above all for the great commitment of human solidarity and the work that it does every day in the community Service."

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