Prime benefits of automated guided automobiles

Technology makes things possible. It changes the entire manufacturing landscape. It brings with it new innovations that make work easier and more efficient. In short, technology is all about efficiency, security and productivity. For example, the invention of automated guided vehicles (abbreviated as AGVs) is taking the material transport industry by storm. It improves productivity. What are the cost-saving advantages of AGVs? Continue reading. This article is based on expert advice.

It will look at the benefits of automated guided vehicles and the implications for the material handling industry.

Reduce labor costs

The implementation of automated guided vehicles leads to a significant reduction in labor costs. This is simply because you either replace existing employees or do without a new hiring.

Remove salaries

Employees expect their remuneration to increase with their level of experience. Whether through annual salary increases, better insurance, bonuses or additional vacation time. With each passing year, labor costs are more likely to increase. Replacing personnel with AGVs can make a big contribution to eliminating this increase in labor costs and increasing the profitability of your company.

Away with structures and product

People make mistakes. They also get tired and distracted. Such accidents and mistakes can cost your company a lot of money by damaging products, devices or structures. AGVs don't get tired, tired or distracted. In addition to lasers, AGVs also use advanced sensors and cameras. This eliminates mistakes and saves money in the long run.

Top advantages of automated guided vehicles - AGV transports cars

Increasing safety in the workplace, reducing costs

The use of AGVs increases safety in the workplace in various ways. Aside from eliminating the human aspect that is the root cause of most accidents, they can perform tasks that are dangerous to human workers, such as moving heavy materials and working in extreme temperatures. AGV systems work in a controlled manner with constant acceleration or deceleration as well as monitored maximum speeds. And this is in direct contrast to human forklift drivers who drive around your facility at high speed and could endanger your employees. Improving workplace safety can significantly reduce OSHA penalties, insurance rates, and wasted time due to injury or equipment repair.

Less expensive

AGVs perform similar functions to fixed automation systems such as conveyor belts. The implementation of fixed automation systems is often more expensive and affects the workflow during the implementation. It also takes time to install the systems, and sometimes your facility cannot operate during implementation. On the other hand, the implementation of AGV is cheaper and does not affect the operation during installation. This in turn leads to less downtime and higher productivity. For more information, see the AGV Solve page.

The conclusion

Automated guided vehicle technology has so much to offer. It revolutionized the material handling industry. These are the advantages of investing in AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). From reducing labor costs to increasing workplace safety, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) technology is all you need to cut costs in your work area. Invest in it and see how your company grows exponentially. Good luck!

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