The smartphone is revolutionizing textile cleansing


The trend towards online services is increasing in the textile cleaning industry: Consumers want to find suitable specialist companies quickly and easily and process their cleaning orders as easily as possible – for example via an app.

A high degree of process transparency in the company is required to be able to offer such customer-friendly services. That is why machine and system manufacturers as well as software providers provide relevant information online and in real time. From June 20 to 24, the industry will be presenting state-of-the-art solutions at Texcare International in Frankfurt am Main.

Purchases and errands are increasingly being planned and processed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Access to shopping portals around the clock has raised high expectations for quick and easy access to services, especially among millennials, but also among other age groups. Instead of being tied to opening hours, they want to be able to do their jobs around the clock with just a few clicks.

This changed way of thinking has long since reached the textile cleaning sector. "Nowadays, people who want to take shirts and men's and women's suits with them for cleaning usually search for the nearest specialist company on their smartphones," says Daniel Dalkowski from the European Research Association for Innovative Textile Care (EFIT) in Berlin. “The homepage of a cleaning company and its entry in search engines or social media is the first source of information for people who are traveling, on vacation or moving house.

“In collaboration with the Landshut University of Applied Sciences, we have created a guide to getting started in the online laundry and textile cleaning business to give companies an overview of the opportunities the Internet offers to attract and retain customers. It is already available to our members, but we would like to present it to a wider audience at Texcare. "

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