Norco invests in premium ice cream

Norco, Australia’s oldest and largest dairy co-operative, has taken its premium ice cream portfolio to the next level thanks to a new machine enabling it to create the biggest chunks of inclusions on an individual stick than any other ice cream on the market.

Housed at its iconic ice cream factory in Lismore, Norco Co-operative is the first company in Australia to invest in the new machine which produces up to 2cm inclusions in ice cream.

The “biggest chunks of deliciousness” can be found in Norco’s new premium ice cream range, Cape Byron.

Ben Menzies, Norco General Manager of Commercial and Strategy says the team travelled to Europe for inspiration in creating the most unique and indulgent ice cream for dessert loving Australians.

“Research shows that 39% of Aussie consumers want to explore new and exciting ice cream experiences, and tapping into emerging food trends is the key to capturing this market segment,” he said.

“It’s also scientifically proven that ice cream makes people happy, so to get it right, you’re not only helping to create a happier Australia, as a business you can also share in a national retail ice cream market worth an estimated $1.5 billion,” Mr Menzies said.

The Norco Cape Byron sticks range boasts three flavours:

  • Chocolate Lava Brownie, combining creamy milk chocolate ice cream brimming with rich and chewy brownie bites and melt-in-your-mouth dark choc flakes with rivers of chocolate fudge sauce all covered in a smooth milk chocolate shell.
  • Affogato, featuring Robusta coffee ice cream, packed with chocolate coated hazelnut pieces and dark choc flakes, with a river of brown sugar sauce.
  • Classic Cookie Dough, loaded with oversized cookie dough chunks, chocolate biscuit pieces, heavenly choc sauce and finished off with a choc cookie crumb shell.

    “With Norco Cape Byron stick range, every delicious bite is rewarded starting with the crack of the chocolate shell, the crunchy, chewy satisfaction of the mouthfuls of texture, the creamy and delicious famous Norco ice cream, and the sheer richness of the ripple,” Mr Menzies said.

“It sure is set to be an ice cream experience not to be missed and we couldn’t be more proud to bring it to market.”

Norco Cape Byron Sticks have launched in Coles nationwide for RRP$11.50.

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