9 Patriotic Flower Mattress Concepts for the 4th of July

Whether subtle or over the top, Independence Day offers a chance to showcase the celebration of freedom. Incorporating the garden into the display lends versatility and creativity. Planting designs blend vibrant colors and textures with classic and creative elements and accessories in the spirit of the Fourth of July.

From plant pairings in containers to waves of colorful annuals and perennials in a patriotic flower bed, splashes of red, white, and blue commemorate the day. Using existing garden elements and structures provides a showy backdrop to customized accents. Bring in simple touches for a look that welcomes the season.

Show Big Color With Flowering Annuals

Create a patriotic display with red, white, and blue annuals.

The showiest way to convey patriotic themes is through a colorful display of red, white, and blue blooming plants. Annuals give high color throughout the warm season for lasting interest and long blooming. Use them solely in the tones of Independence Day or blend them among other hues for all-season appeal. Accenting with accessories makes them tailor-made for the holiday.

Annuals add instant color to a patriotic flower bed, from lining a border to dotting a vibrant container. They quickly convey a theme, whether in large-scale plantings or small. Depending on your garden style, the display can be an overflowing red, white, and blue infusion or a simple arrangement. 

Here is a sampling of annuals with numerous varieties in red, white, and blue shades. These plants bear tough qualities in addition to their profuse flowering in the ground and containers. They withstand a variety of summer conditions across growing zones.


Common NameScientific NameColor
Fan FlowerScaevolaBlue, purple-blue, white
GeraniumPelargoniumRed, white
LantanaLantana Red, white
LobeliaLobeliaCobalt blue, lavender-blue, white
Million bellsCalibrachoaRed, violet-blue, white
PetuniaPetuniaRed, violet-blue, white
VerbenaVerbenaRed, blue, white

Design a Schematic Perennial Bed

Close-up of a flowerbed with colorful prairie flowers including Nepeta racemosa, Melica transsilvanica, Red valerian plants, Stonecrop and more.Perennials offer enduring color and texture for seasonal garden themes.

Annuals aren’t the only way to show bold color. Incorporating complementary or contrasting hues through perennial plantings is a lasting way to reflect the spirit of the season. For a natural blend, go heavy on the blues and add a splash of red. Or, use silver and white flowers and foliage for a bright arrangement and punctuate with red and blue shades. Rely on warm reds to infuse energy into the scheme.

Cool Blue Perennials

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ features tall spikes of soft lavender-blue flowers that bloom densely atop sturdy, upright stems, set against green foliage.Blue perennials bring tranquil elegance and harmonize beautifully with other hues.

Blue hues are gorgeous any time of year. They cool down a display and evoke a calm, peaceful aesthetic. In classic Victorian-era style, blue perennials in various hues blend seamlessly into silver and white foliage along with leafy greens for a tapestry of soothing waves.

Blues complement various other flower colors, from vibrant red to pastels. To create a flag of colors, dot a blue display with bold reds, bright whites, and silver tones.

Common NameScientific Name
Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’
CatmintNepeta spp.
Hardy ageratumConoclinium coelestinum
LiatrisLiatris spp.
Salvia ‘Blue By You’Salvia nemorosa ‘Blue By You’

Shining Silver and White Perennials

Close-up of a flowerbed with perennial plants including lush lavender plants showing casing dense, spiky clusters of fragrant purple flowers atop slender, gray-green stems, Blue fescue with their mounded clumps of fine, bluish-gray grass-like leaves and others.Create a serene white garden with silver accents and subtle contrasts.

White gardens are another Victorian-era inspiration that is well-adapted to contemporary gardens for fresh, cooling effects on festive July evenings. Rely on plants with silver and white characteristics in flower and foliage and a backdrop of green foliage and dark purple for contrast—accent with blues and reds for customized interest.

Common NameScientific Name
Artemisia ‘Silver Mound’Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’
Blue fescueFestuca glauca
Hosta ‘Patriot’Hosta ‘Patriot’
Muhly Grass ‘White Cloud’Muhlenbergia capillaris ‘White Cloud’
Russian sageSalvia yangii

Red Hot Perennials

Echinacea Sombrero Salsa boasts vibrant, fiery red-orange daisy-like flowers with prominent dark cones, set against a backdrop of sturdy, dark green foliage.
Red perennials inject vibrant energy into summer landscapes.

In color theory, red tones infuse a space with high energy and vibrancy. They make the perfect opposite of blue tones and clear whites, which bring cooling effects and a place for the eye to rest. Use red perennials for a lively summer look, whether ordered or informal. Go a little wild with wildflowers and native perennials to build your patriotic flower bed around classic color combinations.

Common NameScientific Name
Coneflower ‘Sombrero Salsa Red’Echinacea purpurea ‘Balsomsed’
Dahlia ‘American Dream’Dahlia ‘American Dream’
Beebalm ‘Fireball’Monarda didyma ‘Fireball’
Scarlet SageSalvia coccinea

Create a Fireworks-Inspired Display

Close-up of a flower bed featuring unique, striking plants including Eryngium, Stipa tenuissima, white sagebrush, beardtongues, Gaura, and more.
Fill your garden with fiery blooms and dazzling foliage.

Curating floral selections around a strong concept allows immense creativity. While many of us enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July, we can also add a little garden sizzle with plants with bright plumes, fountain forms, and out-of-this-world colors to glitter the patriotic flower bed.

Flowers inspired by fireworks bring delight and surprise. Sparkly names, dazzling blooms, and dynamic foliage captivate the visitor and let the garden shine throughout the summer and into fall. Annuals, perennials, or a mix, planted in-ground or in containers, enliven the garden and invite time spent outdoors together. 


Common NameScientific Name
AgapnthusAgapanthus africanus
CupheaCuphea spp.
Globe ThistleEchinops spp.
Red Hot PokerKniphofia spp.
Sea hollyEryngium spp.
Solidago ‘Fireworks’Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’


Common NameScientific Name
BloodleafIresine spp.
CleomeCleome spp.
Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’Gomphrena pulchella ‘Fireworks’
Flowering TobaccoNictoiana spp.
Fountain Grass ‘Fireworks’Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’
PapyrusCyperus papyrus

Bring in Colorful Accessories

A close-up of a white, classic American home displaying American patriotism with white hanging baskets filled with flowering plants in shades of white, blue and red, and a variety of different American accessories including flags, pillows, curtains and ribbons.Enhance your patriotic garden with thematic accessories for vibrant flair.

To add flare to a patriotic flower bed, add related accessories to bring in thematic color. These may be a simple American flag among objects in schematic colors like a red watering can, a blue flower pot, or a hanging star. Complementing red roses or blue hydrangeas with an object in patriotic hues lends vibrancy while incorporating nature.

If you like to go all out on the Fourth of July with celebratory decor, by all means, enjoy doing so and bring the garden bed into the mix. Bunting among red, white, and blue flowering hanging baskets and containers overflows with celebratory vibes. Embellish a summer wreath by adding fresh flowers and plumes in red, white, and blue to customize it for the day.

Keep Accessories Simple

Close-up of a row of small American flags stuck into a hanging basket of colorful flowering plants in a garden.Celebrate Independence Day with a symbolic touch of American flags.

To classically commemorate Independence Day, an American flag tells the story. Placing a single flag or repeating a series of flags incorporates tradition while unifying the design and tailoring the planting to the day. Even a versatile, all-season garden bed pops with red, white, and blue with simple accessories.

If you want to keep the look minimal, conveying the patriotic theme doesn’t require much. Red, white, and blue blooms usher in the holiday, and non-themed plantings become part of the celebration when paired with a simple flag. A burst of color from a Fourth-inspired planter adds instant complement.

Embellish with Patriotic Planters

Close-up of a patriotic container of blooming petunias in white, purple, and red hues, adorned with an American flag, set against a blooming garden background.
Transform your pots into patriotic statements with themed decorations.

Other than placing an American flag in the display, related potted arrangements are the easiest way to convey a patriotic theme. A container design with red, white, and blue annuals and perennials adds quick charm to the entryway or seating area in the spirit of independence. 

While we never need an excuse to dress up our pots, the Fourth of July allows customizing the flowering display with a themed refresh and instant color. If you planned early in the season with the red, white, and blue scheme, your pots are likely lush with prolific blooms to last well beyond the holiday for all-season enjoyment. 

Outside of the container planting designs, artful ways to incorporate the holiday’s colors include the containers themselves; glazed or painted pots and themed accessories show the spirit of the Fourth.

Accent With Monochromatic Containers

View of a charming porch featuring a lush blue hydrangea bush in bloom, a column entwined with a climbing plant, large containers of evergreens, and a vibrant pink-red Digiplexis flowering plant.
Enhance your garden bed with seasonal monochromatic pot accents.

While a mix of patriotic-themed plants in a container creates a package of festivity, accenting with a single specimen or color punctuates the display. If you have a hydrangea in full flower, overflowing with light and dark blues, bring in a container of red to vary the look while adding patriotic overtones. Conversely, pots of blues and whites among red roses create a stand-out look.

Punctuating with monochromatic pots is an easy addition to the garden bed. They are temporary, changeable, and portable. They highlight the season’s natural beauty by adding to the existing garden structure.

Rely on Flowering Shrubs and Garden Elements

Close-up of a flowering hydrangea bush with large, vibrant blue and purple inflorescences against large dark green foliage, growing against a white fence with a red house in the background.Highlight your garden’s seasonal themes with vibrant flowering shrubs.

Sometimes, our garden provides the perfect stage for seasonal themes. Big shows of white, blue, or red flowering shrubs and trees provide a stunning backdrop for accentuating with containers or accessories to emphasize the celebration of freedom.

Roses and hydrangeas are key summer performers that come to mind when adapting a patriotic garden bed. Roses in red and white and hydrangeas in blue, white, or red hues allow lots of summer color and set the scene for themed accessories or planters to round out the scheme. For example, if your red rose bed lacks blue and white, embellish it with in-ground or potted annuals to create the motif.

Garden elements and structures like walls, fences, pillars, and even the home add to the color scheme. A prime example is bright blue hydrangeas against a white fence with a red backdrop. Add a flag or pop of red to the display for instant customization that highlights natural beauty, maintains the garden style, and costs little.

Flowering Shrubs

Common NameScientific Name
Climbing rose ‘Iceberg’Rosa ‘KORbin’
Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmer’
Rose ‘American Beauty’Rosa ‘American Beauty’
Rose of Sharon ‘Blue Chiffon’Hibiscus syriacus ‘Blue Chiffon’

Play With Color

View of a seating area with a small table and chair in classic French style, surrounded by various blooming plants in flowerbeds and large containers.
Enhance your landscape with dynamic color combinations and seasonal accents.

Blending summer-flowering shrubs with colorful annuals and exciting foliage creates variation, textural interest, and the opportunity to move color around the landscape. Impactful designs feature repeated hues throughout the display, throwing color to different parts of the garden for symmetry and balance. For patriotic inspiration, this includes contrasting repeating blues and whites with bursts of red or vice versa. 

For a motif in the spirit of freedom, play off of existing color by creating emphasis through annuals and variations on the theme. Annual arrangements boost the garden style in complementary tones of the season for impact. Accessories tie it all together, from colorful chairs and benches to a simple flag. Pops of red, white, and blue can be as subtle or contrived as your imagination desires.

Final Thoughts

To commemorate Independence Day, consider incorporating the garden bed into your celebration. A festive container to highlight the entrance, brighten a porch, or add flair to a seating area easily evokes a patriotic motif.

A splash of annual plantings or a swath of perennials allows fun and creativity in building a theme around the colors of freedom. Relying on existing elements and features provides a strong foundation, while effortless accents bring flare to the show. Enjoy commemorating the day and the garden’s lasting rewards all summer long.

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