7 Quick-Rising Evergreen Bushes To Shortly Remodel Your Out of doors Area

When you’re looking for a quick privacy screen or windbreak, fast-growing evergreen trees and shrubs are ideal. Evergreen trees, by definition, don’t lose their foliage in winter, so they provide year-round cover to those spots that need it. For anyone interested in growing an evergreen garden, one of the big factors is that they can establish and flourish as quickly as possible. If you want your evergreens yesterday, selecting quick-growing evergreen trees is essential. Here are seven of our favorites.

Choosing the Fastest Growing Evergreen Trees

The fastest growing evergreen trees don’t always look like traditional Christmas trees. Some species of needled evergreen do grow fast, but broad-leaved evergreen varieties can mature quickly, too. A mixed hedge has many advantages. Most of these species prefer a location with full or partial sun and well-draining soil.

1. Leyland Cypress

(Image credit: Brad Mitchell / Alamy)

This tree (Cupressocyparis leylandii) has a name that has become synonymous with fast-growing trees. Popular Leyland cypress trees shoot up quickly, often reaching 70 feet tall (24m). The species tree offers blue-green foliage, impressive height and rapid growth, which works well for privacy screens.

2. Holly Trees

evergreen holly tree with red berries

(Image credit: Rosmarie Wirz / Getty Images)

Holly trees (Ilex spp.) are a popular choice, and it’s fun to use them not only to deck the halls but also the garden. These broadleaf fast-growing evergreen trees offer bright, shiny green leaves that remain attractive 12 months of the year. They also feature white flowers in spring and red berries in autumn. The fruit hangs on the branches for months, providing food for birds in winter.

3. White Pine

evergreen white pine tree showing feathery needles

(Image credit: Douglas Sacha / Getty Images)

Certain types of pine fall into the category of fast-growing evergreen trees for privacy hedging. This includes white pine (Pinus strobus), an attractive needled evergreen with soft and delicate foliage. Note: you need a big yard to give this large tree room to mature. White pine transplants easily, but requires some pruning to produce a dense tree. Expert tip: buy a cultivar that is resistant to blister-rust disease.

4. Weeping Yaupon Holly ‘Pendula’

evergreen weeping yaupon holly tree with sparrow

(Image credit: Tamu1500 / Shutterstock)

If you love holly trees and live in USDA zones 7-9, this unusual tree grows fast to 20 feet (6m) tall and 10 feet (3m) wide. The glossy leaves of the weeping holly (Ilex vomitoria) are small and densely packed, and the white blossoms develop into red berries. If you want berries, you’ll need a male and a female tree in the area. This fast-growing evergreen will tolerate some shade and will grow in wet and dry soil.

5. Wax Myrtle

evergreen wax myrtle with silver white berries

(Image credit: John P Anderson / Shutterstock)

Another evergreen that won’t keep you waiting is wax myrtle, a native broadleaf evergreen that quickly achieves a mature height of 20 feet (6m). With proper growing conditions (and a male and female in the area), the wax myrtle tree (Myrica cerifera) produces aromatic, waxy berries. As an added bonus, the tree tolerates drought. Although ice can take its toll on the small tree’s limbs, wax myrtle will recover quickly.

6. Norway Spruce

evergreen Norway pine tree with pine cones

(Image credit: JossK / Shutterstock)

If you’d like a spruce in your landscape, Norway spruce (Picea abies) is one of the fastest-growing evergreens available. Plus, its cones are the biggest spruce cones you’ll find. A young tree looks like a typical Christmas tree, but over time the shape becomes more interesting. The side branches grow out almost at right angles from the trunk, with just a little turn-up at the tip. Then secondary branches appear, growing from the main branches and hanging downward gracefully.

7. Canada Hemlock

evergreen Canadian hemlock tree showing duo tone foliage

(Image credit: Jason Patrick Ross / Shutterstock)

Hemlock may be deadly to those who eat it, but aesthetically it has a lot to recommend it. Canadian hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) is ranked among the most graceful and elegant of the needled evergreen trees. Plant this fast-growing evergreen tree in well-drained soil and partial shade. Give it some wind protection to keep it looking its best. This tree also works as a hedge since it will support shearing.

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