The Ikea FRÖSLÖV Couch Assessment – Is it Price It?

Today we are reviewing the IKEA FRÖSLÖV sofa! Is it the perfect family couch or should you pass on it?

The IKEA FRÖSLÖV sofa looks like the perfect living room sofa – the clean simple design makes way for tons of decorating opportunities. If you are like me I like to start my decor off with a simple sofa and dress up the room with accessories: a bold rug, some throw pillows and massive artwork on the walls! The IKEA FRÖSLÖV sofa looks like the perfect piece of furniture for something like this. But what about the quality? That’s always one thing I like to keep in mind with IKEA furniture – some budget pieces are really not built to last.

After doing some digging and reading some reviews on the sofa I found some issues. Firstly, the sofa is currently discounted from $1,099 to $699. Why the large discount? Did IKEA make a mistake with the design and is now trying to offload this couch and make way for a newer design?

Photo via: willhaben

IKEA states the cushions are made with high resilience foam and polyester fiber which is perfect for high traffic areas as the wadding provides support when you are seated, and easily regains shape when you rise. But the problem according to reviews is not the actually cushions but the actual fabric used on the sofa.

Photo via: willhaben

Many owners of the FRÖSLÖV sofa have claimed an issue with the fabric pilling immediately after purchasing the couch. The sofa is comfortable, but the fabric is hard to clean and piles quickly. One owner claimed the sofa looks great but it doesn’t keep its color long as the beige fabric looks almost white in real life. You do have a black version which is available if you are afraid of this problem.

Photo via: olx

The couch has a 10 year warranty which we really cannot complain about. The process of getting a new couch and returning a damaged one and wasting time is where I draw the line. We are all looking for something that can last us at least a few years and look decent in the process of using it. One owner is now already on their second couch after having the first one replaced under warranty. After washing the cushions, the seams broke after the first wash and the back tore off the couch with every day use. Keep in mind, we found this information in the reviews from the actual IKEA site!

So do we recommend IKEA’s FRÖSLÖV sofa? If you are looking for something on a budget that will look great perhaps for staging a home for sale I think it’s a great buy. But if you are looking for something that can withstand a family of four or more, I believe IKEA has some much better sofas available!

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