Coles unveils recyclable paper bag for mandarins

Coles has launched a range of mandarins in a 100% recyclable paper bag.

According to the retailer, the new-look packaging solution for Coles Unique Selection mandarins will avoid the use of 11,700kg of plastic in one year and can be recycled kerbside.

With more than one million of the paper bags expected to be sold between April and October this year, Coles General Manager Fresh Produce Charlotte Gilbert says the packaging update is proof the retailer is looking to reduce waste and make recycling more convenient and accessible for its customers.

“We know how much our customers love mandarins at this time of year, so we’re pleased to be able to offer them in a new paper bag that can be put in your recycling bin once you’ve had a chance to enjoy them,” she says.

“Customers can (also) still purchase their favourite mandarin loose, including the delicious Imperial and Afourer varieties, with more than 16 million tonnes of the citrus fruit expected to be sold across Coles stores this season.”

Planet Ark CEO Rebecca Gilling praises Coles for providing a recyclable alternative to the plastic net bags traditionally used as part of the company’s efforts to reduce food and packaging waste across operations.

“It’s very positive to see Coles designing packaging to avoid plastic waste and provide Aussies with a recyclable alternative to a plastic net bag,” she says.

“While we support buying loose and reusing bags where possible, we commend Coles for its work to close the recycling loop and provide customers with products that can be easily recycled.”

The mandarins in paper bags (800g) are available in all states and territories excluding Western Australia and start from $5.50.

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