Vegemite’s ‘game-changing’ knife returns

Vegemite announced the return of the Vegeknife on National Toast Day (29 February).

With one end specifically for butter and the other for Vegemite, the Vegeknife was born from a Google survey conducted in 2020. Vegemite polled those who had consumed its product within the four weeks prior and found that 58% of respondents find unwanted butter in their Vegemite jar.

“Vegemite fans thought that the Vegeknife was a game-changer when we first teased this product in 2020, so we’re excited to be bringing this back,” says Bega Group Head of Spreads and Water Ice Mary Stafford.

Just 200 Vegeknives were available during its first run in 2020, and only via competition entry. This time round, the brand released 1000 knives for purchase yesterday through its merch store (at the time of writing, the product was now out of stock).

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