Katoomba Meals provides Aussies a style of Indian ice cream

Katoomba Foods is introducing Australians to premium Indian ice cream with the launch of Katoomba Kulfi.

The family-owned Katoomba Foods is known for its Asian-style flatbreads, with the ice cream launch marking the company’s first foray into desserts.

Now ranged at Coles, and selected Woolworths and independent retailers, the Kulfi ice cream is available in the variants of Kulfi Parle G and Kulfi Hide & Seek.

“We felt the importance of introducing Australian-made Kulfi ice cream to the generations of Indians missing home,” says Katoomba Foods National Commercial Manager Joe Mastroianni.

“What better way to do it than to make ice cream with India’s most recognised biscuit company, (Parle G).”

The Katoomba Kulfi Parle G and Hide & Seek ice creams come in a 475ml tub, promoted as the “perfect size for the family to savour the rich flavours and creamy textures”. The products retail at $10-12 per tub.

“More and more people are travelling again, experiencing many different cuisines. And India is a hot destination of choice at the moment,” says Mr Mastroianni.

“Australia and India certainly share a love for cricket, and now we can share a love for ice cream, too.

“Desserts are such a huge part of Indian culture, and we wanted to provide an ice cream that appeals to both Indian generations and a wider audience.”

Katoomba Foods teases an “exciting” lineup of flavour rotations in the near future. Some of the anticipated flavours include Mango & Coconut Classic, Pistachio & Cardamom Classic, Date & Walnut Classic, and & Cashew Classic.

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