JIVA targets particular well being wants with new waters and tonics

JIVA Products says it’s continuing to “lead the way” in the functional beverage industry by introducing nutritionist-approved “enhanced” sparkling waters and tonics.

According to the brand, the latest launch aligns with its mission to provide Australians with premium, alternative, and healthy beverage options that prioritise hydration.

JIVA says its beverages incorporate “carefully selected” ingredients, including “antioxidant-rich” botanicals and “revitalising” adaptogens. They have been created to cater to specific health needs, offering “targeted solutions”, whether it’s boosting energy, promoting relaxation, enhancing immunity, or supporting overall vitality. The products are also low in sugar.

As part of its commitment to environmental responsibility, JIVA has embraced eco-friendly packaging for its “enhanced” sparkling waters and tonics.

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