Highlight on: Neuffer Home windows and Doorways – German Craftsmanship for Your Dwelling

This week we’ve partnered with Neuffer, a German company specializing in high quality windows and doors for commercial and residential projects!

Finding a company that produces high quality windows and doors isn’t always the easiest task when you are doing a renovation or when you are building a new home. With so many imported products it makes it difficult to trust the quality and durability of some of them. I always try to buy American or European made when I can and that’s why I was thrilled to be contacted by Neuffer, a German company that produces windows and doors.

Focusing on Quality over Quantity

Neuffer has been in the business since 1872 (150 years now!) and is still a family run business that pays attention to producing premium german neuffer-windows with great craftsmanship. They can produce custom built windows and doors, proudly Made in Germany to customers worldwide. Working with smaller, family owned businesses means better quality products and better quality inspection. Since Neuffer doesn’t mass produce their products, more attention is paid to making quality windows and doors that live up to their companies name and legacy. When shopping around for new doors or windows, your main objective should be to purchase something that will last for many years to come. You don’t want to go down the cheap route and have to be repainting your windows every year or have humidity coming up through the windows.

Custom Built Products that are Made-to-Order

Since their products are custom built to the buyers specifications and are not stock-ready to ship, Neuffer walks their customs through a buying process to ensure you get the product you are looking for. Specific colors and also materials depending on the climate and region you live in is important when drafting up your custom order. Certain materials may be better in certain regions depending on the levels of humidity and temperature. Then you can choose accessories such as window sills, shutters, and window screens. After analyzing Neuffer will send you a quote and if everything is good to go, it only takes about 3-6 weeks for production.

All About Their Aluclad Timber Doors

Neuffer’s front door selection is impressive with doors made from a combination of solid wood for insulation on the inside and aluminum for resilience on the outside. Aluclad timber interior allows for great energy efficiency and security and looks beautiful on the inside of your home. The outside made from aluminum will make your home’s façade look modern and upgraded.

Their aluminum clad timber windows are also quite impressive and feature the same combination of aluminum and timber. This makes the windows durable and have impressive thermal properties to keep the heat in and the cold out. They are very weather resistant and have minimal upkeep which means no need for repainting or reglazing the windows every springtime. You can also count on very good security features as it’s super tough to open or break this kind of window.

Premium Products and Custom Sized Windows and Doors

If you are in the market for new windows or doors where it be a home renovation you are working on or building your dream home, consider visiting Neuffer’s impressive selection of windows and doors. Not only are they made from premium products they are also custom made-to-order which is perfect for older homes that may have specific measurements and require certain materials. Wherever you are located in the world Neuffer ships worldwide right to your door.

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