Simson’s Pantry and Vegemite workforce as much as launch new ‘mini’ wraps

Simson’s Pantry and Vegemite have launched a limited-edition wrap, Simson’s Pantry Vegemite Mini Wraps.

The new product is described as blending “flavour and ease for a convenient back to school snack, bringing together the beloved Vegemite taste with wholesome ingredients from Simson’s Pantry”.

“Here at Simson’s Pantry we’re passionate about making delicious food the whole family will love – collaborating with Vegemite to create a flavoursome twist on our much-loved mini wraps gives families another choice,” says Simson’s Pantry Brand Manager Jane Fraser.

It’s suggested that Australians try the wraps with avocado and cheese, or create an “extra tasty” BLT with bacon, lettuce and tomato. For those after a “classic pairing”, they “can’t go wrong” with a sprinkling of grated cheese, popped under the grill.

“Vegemite is ‘wrapped’ to be partnering with Simson’s Pantry to launch the Vegemite Mini Wraps,” says Bega Group Head of Marketing Spreads and Water Ice Mary Stafford. “While they’re mini, they’re Mitey tasty.”

Simson’s Pantry Vegemite Mini Wraps (RRP $5) are now available for a limited time, exclusively at Coles.

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