Dan Murphy’s launches speedy cooling know-how

Dan Murphy’s is gearing up to chill drinks in record time for a hot summer.

Brian Cummins, Paul Burrows (Head of Endeavour Build) Simon Cummins and John Mainwaring (all from Brian Cummins Group – distributors of V-tex).

In a landmark trial, Dan Murphy’s Coogee will use V-Tex technology – an innovative device that chills cans and bottles to five degrees celsius in just three minutes.

The V-Tex unit is a low-energy apparatus that works by rotating beverages at speed inside a bath of ice water. It circulates the contents in a way that ensures a consistent temperature without causing any disturbance to the liquid inside the vessel, making it ideal for both wines and carbonated beverages.

Head of Endeavour Build Paul Burrows says the V-tex is a game changer for customers and store teams alike.

“This will really deliver the convenience that customers are looking for and it can all be done at the point of sale,” he said.

“While we have extensive refrigeration space in all Dan Murphy’s stores, we are always exploring new ways to give customers the most seamless and convenient shopping experience. This technology means that if someone is heading straight to a barbecue or dinner party this summer, their choices aren’t limited by what’s already in the fridges.

“V-Tex also gives us a sustainable edge, as there is also no glycol or chemical component to the cooling process.

“It means the beverage will be chilled in line with temperatures achieved in fridges, all while you continue to browse and enjoy the Dan Murphy’s shopping experience and then walk out the door with your drinks of choice chilled and ready to serve.”

V-Tex Sales Director Colin Rodgers expects the unit to be extremely popular with customers.

“The idea of on-demand drinks chilling has been around for many years, and several large companies have tried to achieve it without success,” he said.

“V-Tex enables drinks to be chilled in a brief time, from a small footprint, whilst using significantly less energy than conventional methods.

“I hope, in time, this technology will be the global standard for beverage chilling. We are excited to be working with Dan Murphy’s and Endeavour Drinks Group to release this technology in Australia”.

V-Tex is currently being trialled at Dan Murphy’s in Coogee, NSW.

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