UmamiPapi provides some spice to cabinets

UmamiPapi’s product is promoted as a “modern take” on chilli oil with “versatility and balance of aroma, crunch, flavour and spice”.

According to the brand, the gluten free and vegan chilli oil is designed to “blow taste buds away and not set the mouth on fire – unless that’s the goal, then the UmamiPapi Chilli Oil Extra Spicy should do the trick”.

Ethan Yong, founder, CEO and “spice aficionado” started his venture as a young commerce graduate. He started his first job as an analyst in March 2020. One week later he was locked down for almost a year. It was during his lunch breaks and after work that he was able to develop and craft the “ultimate” chilli oil.

When Melbourne emerged from its lockdown, Mr Yong went doorknocking, focusing on independent and Asian grocers. He quit his finance job and built his chilli oil business from the ground up, entirely self-funded without any investors.

During a grocery shop at his local Coles, Mr Yong was introduced to the condiments buyer who happened to be in the store. Armed with bottles of UmamiPapi that Mr Yong kept in his car, he gifted a few bottles and, very quickly, Coles expressed interest in stocking the product.

UmamiPapi is now available in 300 Coles and Coles Local stores nationally, stocking UmamiPapi Chilli Oil Original and Extra Spicy, in both 225g and 750g. The product is also available at select local grocers.

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