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Building fences takes both time and money, so hiring a fencing company may save you the stress of doing it on your own.

Professional fencing contractors possess years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of various fencing materials. They will help you select a fence to meet your specific needs while adding curb appeal.


Fencing can provide privacy, security and safety to homes and businesses alike. Unfortunately, installing one requires knowledge of materials, construction methods and experience – hence why many homeowners opt to hire fencing contractors rather than do the work themselves. 

If your fence has seen better days, hiring a fencing company to replace it could be beneficial. They will install new posts and rails as well as gates; in addition, they may even install pool fences for you!

Fencing companies provide professional installation services including planning, building, painting and staining the fence; many also offer maintenance services to repair existing fences as needed.

Before hiring a fencing company, be sure to carefully examine their credentials and insurance coverage. Any contractor that comes into your home should possess both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance in case they damage property or experience injuries on the jobsite. This safeguard protects both parties involved.

Many fencing companies provide warranties, such as customer satisfaction or labor warranties. These guarantees may last for one or more years, and cover repair or replacement parts costs as needed. Certain manufacturers only honor warranties if installers are licensed professionals.

Don’t get overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a contractor. When it comes to choosing the ideal fencing company, ask family and friends for recommendations, or do your research online. Read reviews and speak to their customer service team about rates and qualifications before having work begin. 


If you have invested money into a fence, it’s essential that it receives proper maintenance in order to maximize its longevity and prevent unexpected problems from emerging. 

While different materials present different issues and repairs may differ depending on which part of your fencing material it comes from, some common repairs can often be addressed quickly and cost effectively.

Basic fence maintenance includes cleaning and re-staining every few years in order to preserve its beauty and prevent water and sun damage. Many homeowners choose to make this an annual project themselves; professional services may be more suitable depending on time or budget constraints.

Wood fences can often rot and warp over time due to moisture, sunlight, or other environmental influences. If any signs of warping appear on your wooden fences, it is wise to address them promptly in order to stop further deterioration that could endanger people or animals.

Rusted nails are another common fencing repair that should be addressed immediately upon discovery. Rusty nails pose serious health and safety risks for humans and pets alike and may snag clothing. 

Replacing these rusty nails quickly is possible by extracting the old nail with a claw hammer before using either a nail gun or another claw hammer to put in new ones.

Missing boards are an easily repairable fence problem, provided the homeowner finds similar wood species to replace any missing boards. As long as this fits well into their overall aesthetic once cleaned and re-stained, then all should be well.

Leaning or sagging fences may be caused by a damaged post or concrete footings that have become unstable over time and may require repair in order to remain standing. Depending on its severity, it may be possible to save it with braces or by adding an additional support post bag. You can click here to learn more.

In certain instances, it may be necessary to demolish and rebuild an entire fence if its posts have become severely damaged; otherwise, replacing just the damaged boards could save both time and money.

Repairing metal fences can be both complex and expensive. The cost of fixing and maintaining them varies based on factors like its size, style and condition; for instance, a simple fence without decorative components tends to be easier and cheaper to repair than complex designs with many intricate details. 

Fence companies can assist in the process of obtaining a permit. You can visit this site for more information about building permits. Working closely with local building inspectors, they will make sure you comply with any laws. Furthermore, they can help determine how much the job will cost by giving an estimate before beginning their work.

Make sure they call a utility locator before beginning work so as to prevent damaging underground utilities during the installation of new fencing.


A fence is an investment and should be treated accordingly to ensure its longevity and maintain its appearance. 

A fencing company can assist in setting up an adjustable maintenance schedule based on weather and usage patterns that could impact its condition; cleaning, painting, staining and sealing services may also be available to further safeguard it against the elements.

Fencing companies also provide maintenance services to your existing fence. They can stain it to restore its appearance, remove dead wood cells and repair damaged panels as well as help you select UV protective stains to avoid further damage to the structure.

When selecting a fencing company, it is essential to evaluate both its experience and reputation. 

A reliable company should have years of experience installing various types of fences under various environmental conditions and possess access to tools and equipment typically needed for fencing projects – saving consumers both time and money by eliminating the need to rent or buy these tools themselves.

To ensure you hire a reputable fence company, it is wise to request estimates from multiple providers. This allows you to compare prices and find one within your budget while simultaneously assuring yourself of working with a licensed and insured company.

Many fencing companies also provide warranty coverage. This typically covers labor and material costs for up to one year; these are typically more comprehensive than what can be found from home improvement stores or general contractors. Additionally, they may include labor-only guarantees or customer satisfaction promises that provide extra peace of mind for homeowners.

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