First Victorian CDS refund level landed

TOMRA Cleanaway has installed Victoria’s first refund point under the State’s new Container Deposit Scheme, in Buninyong, Victoria.

“We’re very excited to have landed the first CDS Victoria refund location, where locals will be able to conveniently drop off their eligible drink containers for recycling,” says TOMRA Cleanaway CEO James Dorney.

“Our machines are quick, convenient, and automated, and able to be seamlessly integrated into retail and community locations.”

Located at FoodWorks in Buningyong, locals will be able to recycle eligible bottles, cartons and cans, and receive 10 cents per item in return from 1 November 2023.

TOMRA’s Reverse Vending Machine technology will scan and verify each container as it is deposited, and then provide options to the user to either receive the amount through a retail cash voucher, via digital transfer direct to a bank account, or for the amount to be sent as a donation to a nominated charity or community group.

“This is the first of a number of machines to be rolled out in this area and across the state, and we’re looking for more community partners to host registered refund points – including shopping centres, retail outlets, clubs, parks, sporting grounds, and community centres.”

Refund point types including outdoor Reverse Vending Machine kiosks, standalone Reverse Vending Machines suitable for supermarkets and retail shops or clubs, and Over The Counter refund points.

“As a partner, the benefits of being a refund point host include attracting customers, supporting fundraising for local community groups and charities, and earning extra revenue,” Mr Dorney said.

“We will work with interested partners on the best configuration that suits them, within the CDS Vic scheme.”

At the launch, Minister for Environment Ingrid Stitt MLC said, “Victoria’s container deposit scheme will be the most accessible and convenient in the country, making it easier than ever to recycle here in regional Victoria and across our state.”

“CDS Victoria will maximise the number of cans, bottles and cartons bring recycled into new products, while reducing the amount of litter in Victoria by up to half.”

TOMRA Cleanaway has been appointed by the Victorian Government to deliver CDS Victoria in 28 Local Government Areas across the west of Victoria and western suburbs of Melbourne, with almost 200 refund points to be established.

“It’s estimated half a billion eligible drink containers are disposed of annually across this region alone.”

“We’re very excited to be part of Victoria’s new Container Deposit Scheme, and look forward to partnering with local businesses, charities and community groups across the State,” Mr Dorney said.

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