Mars Petcare wins Finest Sustainable Seafood Product Award

Mars Petcare Australia has been awarded the Best Sustainable Seafood Product Award for its DINE® Pulled Menu cat food range.

The Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia run in partnership with Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) recognises people and organisations which work to help protect seafood sources for future generations.

Mars Petcare was recognised for its new DINE Pulled Menu – Gravy Indulgence with Tuna cat food product which includes fish that is responsibly sourced. By sourcing responsibly, it means the farms and fisheries are independently certified to help reduce potential environmental risks, including impacts on surrounding ecosystems and unregulated or overfishing.

Mars Petcare Climate and Sustainable Sourcing Lead Sandy Gain said, “We’re proud to see the DINE® cat food brand acknowledged as we’ve worked with MSC since 2021 when the first MSC certified range debuted in Australian grocery and specialist pet food stores. Our newest launch, DINE® Pulled Menu – Gravy Indulgence with Tuna continues Mars Petcare’s commitment to sustainable fish sourcing, education, and engaging pet parents on the importance of shopping sustainably.”

Through its partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, Mars is investing in improving global fishing practices. These improvements will aim to address the overexploitation of the world’s fisheries, to promote better management, and accelerate biodiversity recovery. Mars continues to work with WWF to ideate new models to drive long-term and large-scale fisheries reform.

Marine Stewardship Council Program Director Anne Gabriel said, “The MSC’s biannual consumer research tells us that consumers want to make the right choice to protect our ocean. As the MSC Best Sustainable Seafood Product award winner this year, Mars is providing Aussie pet owners the ability to choose sustainable seafood in line with their values. This leadership is well deserving of recognition.”

Mars Petcare will continue to help support ocean ecosystems and the seafood sector to enable a sustainable and healthy future.

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