Easy methods to shield Your Household inside Your House

Keep your home and family safe with these safety tips!

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We tend to think of home as the safest place to be. But in reality, lots of accidents happen in that environment, which can turn into injuries and even deaths!But there are ways to protect the members of your family from these risks. Here are some that you should take in account.

Protection from Fire

A fire is certainly the worst thing that can happen to your home. No one wants to see his whole life go up in smoke. Most importantly, a fire can easily take the lives of the people living inside the house, especially at night, when everyone is sleeping. The first protection against fire are smoke detectors. You need to check their batteries every three months, and change them every year, even if they still work. The second one is the installation of a smoke exhaust system. It attracts smoke out of the house, by bringing it upward, while creating a safe space near the floor where people can still move without being intoxicated by fumes, in order to leave the house. Fire extinguishers should be found in a few locations inside the house, as well. It may be the element that will save your home from complete destruction, in the end.

Protection from Burglars

Although most burglaries take place when there is no one inside the house, it is not always the case, as some criminals prefer to have the home owner present, so they can tell them where their jewelry and other valuables are hidden inside the house. This is a traumatic experience, that no one should ever have to go through. To protect against burglars, a house should have various levels of defense. The first one is the fence. On it, there should be signs to deter burglars, in the first place (surveillance by video cameras, guard dog, security system etc.). Then, the perimeter of the house should be protected through security cameras and motion detector sensors. The doors and windows should be reinforced. If you have large aluminium windows, make sure to install anti-burglary blinds on them. Finally, you should have an alarm system controlling the whole house, which should be connected to your smartphone, so it can advise you in real time. Then, you can take the necessary measures, even abandoning the house, if you are in it at the time.

Protection from Accidents

In a house, an accident can happen quickly. A child can fall on the ground and hit his head on furniture, or a senior can fall down the stairs, or the family chef can cut his hand, or burn himself. There is no full protection available against these accidents, but there are solutions to lower the risks. Inside the rooms, furniture should be kept close to the walls, especially if there are kids inside. If they fall, the risk of hurting themselves will be much lower. If you have seniors living with you, think about installing an electric chair that can get them from one floor to the other. Finally, in the kitchen, keep the wine for dinner, not while you cook!

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