Drumstick cleans up

To celebrate 60 years, Peter’s Drumstick has partnered with Clean Up Australia with the aim to help protect summer moments in our beautiful Australian landscapes for the next 60 years and beyond. Peter’s will be pledging $250,000 to go towards Clean Up Kits and calling upon fellow Aussies to help join in via a Clean Up Our Summer campaign.

Pip Kiernan, Chair of Clean Up Australia says “Australians tell us every day that they are concerned about the world we live in but often feel frustrated and unsure how to make a positive impact. So we are thrilled to be working with Drumstick to get Aussies involved in cleaning up our summer!”

The collaboration, she adds, is a great opportunity to encourage all Australians to make a real difference by taking “practical action”.

“Whether that’s picking up litter on a beach, remembering a reusable water-bottle or recycling properly, there are lots of ways we can all take steps towards living more sustainably this summer and beyond,” she says.

Drumstick has also launched new flavours, each paying homage to an iconic summer location – Clean Up Our Beaches Hokey Pokey, Clean Up Our Rivers Vanilla Caramel Choc Chip, and Clean Up Our Parks Choc Cookie (exclusive to Coles). Each flavour also extends the invitation to clean up on back of back.

To participate, customers can simply choose a flavour of choice and scan the QR code on the pack which will take them to the Clean Up Australia x Drumstick site where they can sign up for a free Clean Up Australia kit and join Australia’s largest community-based environmental event on 5 March.

The new range retails for RRP $9.50. For stockist inquiries, contact your local Peters representative or call 13 10 77.

For more information, visit cleanup.org.au/drumstick.

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