Design Suggestions for Selecting Your Residing Room Furnishings

Whether you have just relocated to a new home or overhauled your existing interior design, the sense of calm often quickly evaporates when it’s time to choose the right furniture!

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While you could be versed with endless rules for decorating and furnishing your living room, second-guessing becomes an option when it’s your turn. Even though you should check recent interior design trends, you should prioritize purchasing furniture that fits your living room. Below are a few things to consider when furnishing your living room:

1. Choosing the Right Couch for the Living Room

Picking the right sofa for your living room is certainly daunting. However, you shouldn’t compromise the quality of the sofa, making it prudent to buy from reputable dealers, such as Kasala. Sofas are perhaps the most prominent feature that anchors your living room. As such, you should ask yourself the following questions when making a choice:

  •  Where will the sofa be positioned? Some homeowners prefer a formal couch, while others prefer something they can spend hours lounging in. You should choose your preferred type from the options available.
  • What is the size of your living room? The size of your space directly affects the size of your couch. Your sofa of choice shouldn’t be oversized or undersized.
  • What is your preferred shape? Sofas come in different shapes, including modular, loveseat, sectional and more. Choose one that makes sense in form and function.
  • What’s your preferred sofa material? Choose from common sofa materials, which include velvet, linen, and leather. Linen and leather couches are best for homes with pets and children.
  • Your preferred sofa color: Your sofa color is primarily determined by your interior design style and interior paint. Choose neutral colors as they offer unmatched flexibility. Green and blue colors are good for making a statement.

Since the sofa is the focal point of your living room, you should consider your preferences before proceeding to other living room furnishings.

2. Choosing the Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential addition to the living room. However, you should ensure that the coffee table doesn’t dwarf the sofa. It shouldn’t also be insignificantly small. Coffee tables should be sized enough to be used as a styling tool or surface that improves the appearance of your living room.

Most people ignore coffee tables when choosing living room furniture for small rooms. However, you shouldn’t forgo coffee tables because of the small space. An empty patch in front of the couch typically emphasizes that the space is small. Putting a table in front of the couch makes the space appear larger. Obviously, the budget, size, shape, and function should guide your coffee table purchase.

3. Choosing an Area Rug

Area rugs are important living room furniture. Size should be your focus when choosing a living room rug. Choose a rug that frames your furniture. The front legs of your sofa and other chairs should be on top of the rug. A small rug makes the living room appear smaller. Size aside, you should also consider rug material. Opt for natural rugs woven from sisal or jute, as they resist wear and tear.


Furnishing your living space comes with a lot of enthusiasm. Those who have already formed ideas can complete this task easily. If you don’t have an idea, search for inspiration from interior design websites and magazines, or consult an interior designer.

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