Six Tricks to Assist Preserve Your Home Clear

Keep your home looking sparkling clean for as long as you can with these tips!

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It’s tempting to leave the dishes on the sink for you to wash them all later, and it already can seem tiring to clean the bathroom before you even start the cleaning process. It’s fair to say that keeping your house clean takes up time, energy, and resources, but it’s all worth it. There are several reasons why cleaning the house is important, including health-related benefits and keeping your house’s overall quality great. 

You can use different cleaning methods or look for a professional cleaner through Sidepost to help you. But beyond choosing the right cleaning tools and deciding on what room to focus on, there are other things you can do to help make the cleaning process more manageable. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your house’s cleanliness. 

Make a Cleaning Schedule

First, you can create a cleaning schedule. Whether you decide to hire professionals to clean your house or are doing things on your own, it’s important to have a regular cleaning schedule. Making this routine for you and your family or housemates can help you stay motivated. For example, you can focus on dusting cupboards and cabinets on Wednesdays while you focus on sweeping the floors on Thursdays. 

For this schedule, if you’re living with others, you can also assign daily tasks. So, for example, you can ask your roommate to be in charge of the bathroom for the month while you’ll do it for the next month. This organised cleaning method can help keep your house sanitised even in the long run. 

Have Designated Spaces for your Things

Staying organised doesn’t just make your house look pleasant; it allows you to easily find things when you need them and keeps your home clean. For example, instead of having random objects around your living room couch where you could sit comfortably, you can keep those books or toys stored away when they’re not used. Likewise, the keys that you might be tempted to throw on the coffee table can be hung on wall hooks that you can easily spot. 

Decluttering the different parts of your house makes it much easier to go through your cleaning session. For instance, you can spend less time trying to move objects around as you use the vacuum cleaner when they’ve already been removed from your carpet. In addition, if you think you no longer have enough space to keep unused objects away, you can decide if it’s time to sell them, give them away, or throw them out. 

Keep Tables and Counters Clear

Related to the previous tip, it’s also essential that you keep your tables, counters, and other surfaces free of clutter. For one, these surfaces can function the way they’re supposed to when there are no unnecessary objects on top of them. So take your cereal boxes from the dining table and maybe store them in the kitchen cabinets instead. 

Keeping the surface clean also makes it easier to wipe them down properly. When there are tons of objects on top of your counter, you might neglect cleaning the parts underneath the said objects, letting that area accumulate dirt or dust. Avoid the hassle of doing more work later on when you keep your counters and tables free from unwanted objects.

Practice ‘Clean as you Go’

You might see the words ‘clean as you go’ on signs in community spaces, but it’s also a good practice to apply in your home. Whatever activity you’re doing at a particular time, it’s best that you clean up right after instead of holding it off. Understandably, people want to do other things instead of cleaning, promising to wash the plates later, for example. However, keeping those plates at the sink can pile up, making this chore more challenging to do later. 

The same goes for throwing your trash in the correct trash bins. If you leave them lying around, your floors will get dirtier, and you’ll need to do more work later on when you’re doing general cleaning. You can save time and effort when you clean as you go.

Be Wary of the Stuff you Bring Inside

You’d clean the inside and outside of your house differently, right? Similarly, it would help if you keep some stuff that’s solely used for outdoors outside instead of bringing them inside if that’s possible. Alternatively, you can have a space where you can leave these objects without having them around places you want to stay sanitised. For example, instead of bringing your shoes inside, it’s better to leave them at a shoe rack and wear indoor slippers when you go to your living room. 

Having this clear line between what you can keep inside and outside dramatically helps reduce dirt that you’d have to clean eventually. For example, you’ll lessen the dust mites and dirt that you’d have to sweep or vacuum. In addition, you can prevent mopping the mud off your floor. Overall, doing this just makes cleaning generally easier. 

Make Cleaning a Fun Activity

Lastly, to help keep you motivated as you do a challenging task, you can try different ways to make cleaning fun. For example, some people put on earphones or blast music from speakers as they move around the room, dancing and singing along to their favourite songs. You can do something like this too. Instead of focusing on how tiring it is to mop around the rooms and underneath the couch, the fun of hearing music can help keep your mind at ease. 

If you’re living with your family, you can motivate everyone by playing games or even adding a competitive twist to this task. For example, you can answer trivia questions while wiping the windows and your partner sweeps the floors. Turning cleaning into a group activity can be really fun instead of feeling the burden of doing everything on your own. 

Let that interior and exterior design shine when you keep your house clean and well-maintained. You’ll find your home even cozier and more comfortable to stay at. With these tips in mind, you’re all set to have a clean and beautiful house!

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