5 Residence Safety Suggestions

No one wants to think that it will ever happen to them, but unfortunately house burglaries are very common and they occur all around you!

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Some of these incidents occur due to negligence of the house owners, while others require more effort from the burglars. The truth is that in most cases, these bad experiences could be easily prevented if you follow some simple actions. Keeping your home safe and unattractive to burglars should be a priority once moving into a new place so you can feel at peace in your own house.

Check your Doors and Windows

Doors and first floor windows are the first access points for any burglars.Firstly check your front door, side doors, garage doors and any other doors which might be an entry to your house. Inspect all the locks and make sure they are correctly installed and they all lock properly. It’s worth investing in a deadbolt if you don’t have one already, as they provide extra security and they cannot be opened with a knife blade. Make sure that your door frames are of good quality and that they are firmly fixed to the walls. 

Test all your window locks and ensure that they cannot be opened from outside. Also make sure not to leave any windows open when not at home as that’s an invite for thieves to enter easily. If you are living on a lower floor, you might consider adding window sensors so you can receive a notification once a window is opened or closed. 

If you have sliding glass doors make sure you add a metal rod to reinforce the door and also consider a latch guard to prevent the door from being lifted off its tracks. 

Invest in an Alarm System 

The security system market is flooded with a great range of products for you to choose based on your needs. Do your research well before you jump and make a purchase as technology has hugely evolved and there are many package solutions you can benefit from at a better price. There are simple solutions which you can purchase and install yourself or there is more sophisticated equipment which you can invest in. The majority of the new security systems can be connected to your smart home. They allow you to have constant access and transparency to all the monitoring devices through your phone or tablet and receive notifications of any movements. 

Add Security Signs and Stickers

It’s always a good idea to add signs and stickers to the doors or windows to make it visible to burglars that your house is under surveillance. Although some more professional thieves will try and disconnect the security system, in most cases this will make your property unattractive and they will choose an easier target. 

Even if you don’t have an alarm system, still stick some legitimate security signs as that might prevent some break-in attempts. 

Install lights Around your House

Despite the fact that some break-ins occur during daylight, most burglars like to act in the dark when there is less chance of being seen and spotted. It’s important to choose your exterior lightning well and make sure all dark spots are covered. There are various options on the market but it’s more energy efficient to choose motion-activated lights as they will turn on when motion is detected and you have one less worry remembering to turn on the switch for the traditional lights. 

If you want to further decrease your electricity bill, you should consider the solar flood lights which are powered by solar panels recharging from the sun. The greatest benefit of these lights is that they can be installed anywhere, without having an electrical wiring involved. 

Keep your House Exterior Clean and Tidy

Having trees and big bushes around your house exterior might look pretty but it could also be a great hiding spot and super convenient way for burglars to commit their crimes. Make sure your greenery is trimmed often and if needed install extra lightening on the trees/bushes to make those spots more exposed. Also if you have high trees which could be easily climbed to reach a higher floor, make sure you cut those branches so you can remove this as an opportunity. 

Additionally try and refrain from leaving large objects, boxes or old furniture laying around outside the house as such things could also be a good camouflage for burglars. 

Wrap Up

Always be vigilant and protect your home from unwanted intruders. Don’t make your home an easy target and always keep your blinds or curtains closed at night so you don’t expose your home belongings unnecessarily and attack unwanted attention. Put a peephole on your door and teach your kids and elderly to answer the door sensibly. 

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